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Do you feel like your home does not reflect your personality?

You've done everything you know how to do, but it still does not feel well pulled together?

Maybe you are overwhelmed and frustrated with the flat builder basic beige paint, rounded sheet-rock corners, wall niches and awkwardly placed architectural details?

We get that a lot! And we want to solve your home decor issues, and help you express your unique personality and style in your home.

Every quarter, we will be hosting a live decorating workshop right here in our Studio.

We care about you and your home, and we will help you bring out your inner decorator. 


Who wants to live in a home that looks just like your neighbors? Join our next workshop and learn how to express your unique design style in your home

Our design workshops are presented by Veronica Solomon and designed to make the process of decorating your home easy, fun and affordable. 

Our topics will include:

  • How to work with an interior designer - Our entire process including how we purchase furnishings for you

  • Expressing your personality in a builder basic home

  • How to choose color for your home

  • How to choose window treatments for your challenging windows

  • How to shop for accessories and style your bookcases and table tops like a pro

  • Staging your home for a quick sale and for top dollar

Our workshops are usually free, but we also offer paid workshops. They are typically very informal and hands-on. We usually have a group of 10-15 homeowners. You can ask questions during our presentations; we encourage lively discussions. You can bring photos of your trouble areas to better communicate whatever challenge you are experiencing, but we ask that your questions and photos stay on topic for each event.

The workshops are generally presented by a Powerpoint presentation and props

They run for 60-90 minutes

Some handouts with key information included

Light bites usually provided

Our design workshops are held at our Design Studio at 

6193 Highway Blvd

Suite 207

Katy TX 77494

Head to our Events page to learn more and register for an upcoming workshop

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