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The flexible and convenient way to decorate

We understand that you may not necessarily be looking for a full service design, or even a design plan for that matter. You may very much be in touch with your inner decorator, but find that you need some occasional guidance or a second opinion before making a major purchase for your home.


Maybe you have an ongoing project where you are acting as your own contractor and need some advice on the best materials to use, or if what you chose will even work together in the space.

Our "Designer On Call" service is designed for individuals who need ongoing design advice on an as needed basis, and not necessarily all at once. It is for clients who need more than just a 2 hour in-home consultation, but don't need to retain us for a full service design project

Maybe you enjoy the process of sourcing and purchasing your own furnishings, but need a designer eye to make sure they all work well together. Designer On Call gives you the flexibility to tap into our design knowledge and expertise, only when you need it. 

Fulshear TX Living Room

  • If you are doing a remodeling project and need us to take a look at the plans from your architect to make sure the space is being used well

  • If you need verification that the finish materials you have chosen for your remodel work well and flow together

  • If you need assistance in sourcing wallpaper and fabrics for your DIY project

  • If you are acting as your own contractor and need resources for acquiring materials 

  • If you need help sourcing specific things like fine art, antiques or designing a custom piece of furniture

  • If you are building a home and need help with your design center appointment with your builder

  • If you are building a custom home or production home and need a designer's input at pre-sheetrock walk through

  • If you are drawn to a something you saw in a design magazine and need help locating and purchasing it


After purchasing a minimum of a 10 hour time block, we will call you to discuss the details and send our design questionnaire for you to complete. Your need can be immediate or for a later project, but please keep in mind that time blocks are good for up to 90 days only. Designer On Call time blocks can be purchased in increments of 10 hours

Once we verify your purchase, we credit your account the total number of hours you purchased. Each time you request our services - anything from a text message to a sourcing day, we will deduct that time from your available time. Time deductions are made in increments of 5 minutes. We will send you a report every two weeks, showing how the time is used and how much time remains on your account. You can choose to purchase another time block as needed. If after 90 days you still have unused time, they will be considered null and void. There is no refund.

  • A consultation is not included with the Designer On Call service fee. You are welcomed to book one for a separate fee of $597. If you choose not to schedule a consultation, you will be responsible for providing us with all the information and measurements needed to properly advise you on your project

  • Your service fee includes the total number of hours included with your chosen block of time, billed at our regular hourly rate of $227 plus $97 admin/setup fee

  • It is NOT similar to a doctor on call - we will respond to messages and phone calls during normal business hours (M-F 10:00am to 6:00pm) or we will return your call on the next business day

  • This is not intended to be an instant response service, so we still need to schedule time on our calendar to focus on your project - as much advanced notice as possible is required. We usually are booked out for at least two weeks

  • We will not accept texted pictures or messages while you are out shopping. It is best to send an email (via client portal) with either a link or picture (with dimensions) to the furniture pieces you are considering. We need this so we can research all pertinent information

  • Your Designer On Call time can be used for in studio sessions, but they must be scheduled in advance. We may not be available if you walk-in without an appointment.

  • You are aware that the Designer On Call service is not like our typical design service, where we work with a list of qualified vendors and trades people. We are, in most cases, simply providing our opinion based on our design expertise. We will not be responsible for any errors and omissions that occur from using this service

  • We require that our design questionnaire be thoroughly completed for this service

  • You must create an account in our client portal once we send you the invitation to join. All communications will be directed there so that we will be able to keep track

  • Please note that our design advice ends when you have no more time remaining, even if your project is ongoing. You are welcomed to purchase another 10 hour time block

  • We reserve the right to cancel the Designer On Call Agreement if we believe that it is not being used for its intended purpose. Your remaining balance will be returned to you in the event that we cancel the service for this reason.


Choose the number of hours that is right for your project. Not sure? Contact us.


Are you currently a Designer On Call Client? Visit Client Portal for updates and status


We invite you to review our Designer on Call Policy to make sure this service is right for you

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