Our in home work sessions aka consultation-only services is perfect for the DIY-er who enjoys doing their own purchasing, and executing their own design, but needs some professional guidance to start


This service is for the hands-on homeowner who only require solid ideas and inspiration for their home and will do the work themselves.


It is a great way to tap into some tips and tricks that we have accumulated over the years and get inspired to be your own Decorator. This is your jump-start to the home of your dreams by a well established, top Houston interior design firm.

We meet you in your home and get to work; addressing whatever need you have during the timeframe you choose. Our work sessions includes anything from touring your home and verbally giving you ideas about furniture placement and what to purchase (sizes, scale, color etc), choosing paint colors, ideas for staging your home for a quick sale, or even getting on a laptop and identifying pieces to purchase from online and local retailers. 

Please note that no physical work happens during your in home work session. Ex., we do not re-arrange furniture

Depending on your needs, we may require photos of your space sent to us after booking and paying for your session and prior to our actual work session.


Most people know what colors they like (and not like) but are unsure of the shade that is best for their project. 


Whether you know what color scheme you want, or you need guidance choosing the right colors, we are here to help. With our expert guidance in building color palettes, we will recommend the perfect color scheme that will set the tone for the room's decor.


Color has a major impact on your mood, so we want to help you choose carefully and overcome your color anxiety.

We Will Help You Choose Color With Confidence

Contact us via email or phone to discuss your paint project and the

challenges you are encountering

We will schedule a mutually acceptable day for your paint color consultation

We will email you an invoice or you can pay here. Our paint color consultation fee is $697 for up to 2 hours. Payment in advance is required to secure your spot on our calendar.

We arrive at your home with our paint color samples from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams where we will pick out just the right colors to create the mood and back drop for your decor. 


We leave you with a detailed paint color worksheet outlining the color names and numbers for each room, what finishes work best and tons of color advice to help you along. In most cases a neatly typed up Paint Worksheet is sent to you within 24-48 business hours.


We encourage you to purchase test samples and test the colors in your home - viewing them in different light sources at different times of the day


We are committed to making interior design accessible to homeowners who may not have the financial means to hire a designer in the traditional way, but still want to work with a great design team, and get great style.

Our Power Sessions are designed for clients who are ready to roll up their sleeves and implement their own decorating with guidance from us. It is best for clients who make decisions quickly, and trust our expertise. 

We meet in your home for 3 hours and focus on making some decisions that you can immediately put into action and see great results. Two hours is the minimum time we find that will benefit most clients, and four hours is the maximum timeframe we will do in a 24 hour period.

Our Power Sessions can be used for any of the following needs:

  • A walk through of your home and give ideas, suggestions and direction for furniture layouts 

  • Online working session identifying key furniture pieces to purchase

  • Drafting room layouts on graph paper for visualization

  • A list of resources

  • An action list for what to implement first

  • Budgeting for your project

  • The best ways to utilize the budget you have

  • Answering any questions you have

Please note that design takes time, and realistically we cannot completely design a home in 3 hours. However, you are in a great position to bounce ideas, ask questions, get real guidance, get strategies and action steps, and this can prevent costly mistakes. 


We want to help your home look its best for a quick sale for top dollar. We provide home staging services for occupied homes, or homes with existing inventory, or inventory that the you will purchase. ​Accessories inventory available when you secure our team for staging. Furniture inventory not provided

It starts with a staging consultation at your property for sale

  • We meet in your home for an initial 2 hour consultation - usually with your Realtor present, at least for a part of the meeting. The tour starts from the curb and ends in the backyard. We go through each area and discuss ideas and make recommendations for improving the spaces to appeal to all buyers and bring you top dollar. We can choose paint colors for up to 3000sf during this consultation

  • Consultation fee of $597 must be paid in advance. Go to payment portal here 

  • We will then discuss the staging package that is right for you from the options below. If the needs of your property fall outside of the scope our packages allow, we will provide you with a custom quote within 2-3 business days

  • Please note that the staging services, including the packages below do not include costs for movers or sub-contractors. We will be happy to recommend sub-contractors and even coordinate these meetings on your behalf. Fees for doing so will be included in a custom quote. Sub-contractors include painters, carpenters, handymen, cleaning service etc.

  • All staging fees (including accessories inventory for 3 months) are due in full in advance. Additional monthly charges for inventory ($597) are due at the beginning of each month. We no longer provide furniture inventory.

  • Staging usually takes place in one day depending on the size of your home. We start by de-cluttering and de-personalizing, then re-arranging furniture pieces. We then style your home with decorative accents  (yours or ours) for a beautiful finish that buyers will love!

  • Please note that heavy de-cluttering, organizing and cleaning will result in additional fees

Serving Katy, Houston And Surrounding Areas. Now Accepting Projects Out Of State 


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