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We get it! Building and remodeling a kitchen and/or a bathroom can be overwhelming. There are tons of decisions to be made - the layout, the aesthetic, the function, and on and on. Sure, you can go to a big box store and they can help you with a layout in the hopes of selling to you from their very limited selections, or even a kitchen and bath showroom. But ask yourself, whose interest do they have at heart? 

The fact is, you need an interior designer with kitchen and bath experience to help you make the big decisions as well as the minute decisions that in the end will allow your new kitchen and bath to function for your needs.


The kitchen and bath are the two most valued, and complex areas in any home, so you don't want to just leave it up to chance to get it right. You want to trust a team who has experience with planning, designing and implementing your project. A team who will get personal - like how you live, who does the cooking, what features are important, how much storage you need, what your style is, what materials would you like to see, how much maintenance are you willing to do, and so much more. Your kitchen and bath is created specifically for you, and your needs.

We also recognize that remodeling a kitchen, bath, or a significant addition to your home is a significant investment. Sometimes it is an absolute need, that some folks may not be able to afford to bring in a designer from start to finish. Maybe you are a DIY-er who is pretty hands on, and you just need a plan and some guidance to get the ball rolling. We believe that the best scenario is to have us do it all for you, but we also understand the need to save wherever you can.

We created our Building, Remodeling and Kitchen and Bath Design service menu, so you can decide how much of our help you will need for your project.


You now have the flexibility to choose one or more options that work for your needs. 

Please note that some services go hand-in-hand with other services and cannot be purchased separately

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Trust your building, remodeling and kitchen and bathroom designs to an expert team like ours, who can manage every single detail of your project.

From determining your aesthetics and functional needs, to planning layouts and creating construction documents, to materials selections and project oversight, to final accessorizing and styling.


We will handle it all for you