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5 Reasons To Always Use A Rug Pad

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I use rugs as much as possible when I am designing a room. Rugs define a vignette, anchors the pieces and gives it visual weight. It helps to pull an arrangement together, and it helps to add color and texture to a room. Rugs have their unique role in most successfully designed rooms, and I am definitely a big advocate of using them. How to choose them is a whole other matter, that I won’t include in today’s post, but you can refer to these  educational articles that I wrote a few years ago, which contain everything you need to know about area rugs. They are here and here

Most people will agree that rugs are great and will actually use them in their homes, but most don’t think to include rug pads underneath these rugs. There are a number of reasons why rug pads are necessary to use with every area rug installation, but today we will focus on the top five reasons.

Before, I get into the meat of the post, I have to mention my amazing source for all things rug pads. Rug Pad USA is my go-to source for rug pads. Not only are their products amazing, but their website is so easy to navigate. You will go to their website knowing zero about what rug pad you need, and leave there with an education on the best rug pad to use for your flooring type. Delivery is quick and customer service is top notch.

Casa Vilora Interiors

On our last project installation of a family room, we ordered the EcoPlush 3/8″ which was perfect for my clients porcelain tile floors. The eco-plush is a tightly woven rug pad, made of 100% recycled felt from new unused carpet fibers and yarn that are heat pressed. Eco Plush pads last longer, feel softer, and are free of the unpleasant odors associated with outdated jute rug pads. They are safe on flooring, eco-friendly, and contain no glues, bonding agents, or adhesives that can outgas and ruin floors.

The rug we used is a tufted wool rug with a cotton backing, and the rug pad added that ultimate luxurious feeling underfoot. I am quite certain that my client’s two young girls will also be laying on that comfy plush floor.

We ordered  it just a bit larger than what we needed so we could cut it on site as needed.

Casa Vilora Interiors

Casa Vilora Interiors

Now, here are the 5 reasons why you should always use a rug pad

1. Rug pads protect your floor. Rugs can sometimes stain your floors from the dyes used in them. Having a rug pad in between the rug and your floor helps to avoid stains from seeping through. They can also protect your rug from any potential stains from the floor

Casa Vilora Interiors

2. Your rug wears more evenly – A well constructed rug can outlive most humans, but you want to ensure that they wear evenly over the course of their lifetime. One thing to do regularly is turning them so they get even exposure from the sunlight coming through a window. But most people don’t know that a rug pad can help the rug to wear more evenly. Floors are never plumb or even. A good quality rug pad from Rug Pad USA can help your rug last longer on uneven floors

Casa Vilora Interiors

3. Prevents spills from getting through to your floor – This is especially important if you have small kids and pets. Rug Pad USA SpillTech is a perfect option for spill proofing. RugPadUSA has teamed up with Scotchgard and 3M to create a 100% spill and pet proof rug pad. SpillTech is designed to maximize cushioning and provide a barrier against stains and spills. It combines a 3/8’’ thick layer of urethane foam with Scotchgard’s Advanced Repel Technology, best in class for preventing liquids from reaching floors in the event of a spill. Now that is an amazing reason in itself to always use a rug pad

Casa Vilora Interiors

4. Sound Proofing – Rug pads are great for sound proofing, especially if you have wood or laminate floors. Imagine a second level room with wood floors, or a room with surround sound. A good quality from Rug Pad USA will help absorb sound.

Casa Vilora Interiors

5. Prevents Slippage – It goes without saying that rugs can be a slip hazard on certain floors. Rug Pad USA’s Nature’s grip is a great option for a non-slip pad. It is  an eco-friendly alternative to other traditional non-slip pads. Made up of  hand-woven organic jute fibers combined with natural rubber to maximize the rug’s grip, protect the flooring underneath and extend the rug’s life. Natural rubber is superior to harmful chemicals and adhesives used in synthetic PVC rug pads. Nature’s Grip offers better non-skid properties and will grip rather than stick to floors. Its low profile makes it a perfect choice for the foyer where door clearance is an issue, or underneath hallway runners and scatter rugs that are meant to lay flat without furniture on top.

One more thing worth mentioning is that if your rug is a natural fiber like jute or sisal, you definitely want to use a rug pad. These rugs will shed fibers and can scratch your floors

Casa Vilora Interiors

Head to to see their entire collection of rug pads. They are currently running a sale for Labor Day – 20% off Select rug pads


We were sent a rug pad by Rug Pad USA free of charge, in return for our honest feedback. The views expressed are 100% accurate according to our experience working with Rug Pad USA

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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