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5 Things To Do Over The 4th Of July Weekend That Your Home Will Thank You For

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Ok, 4th of July this year technically is not on a weekend, but close enough, right? I know I am already in holiday mode, and it’s only the 30th of June! While my natural instinct for activities for 4th of July holiday is to sleep all day, I plan to make it count this year! I have plans to be out and about doing the things I enjoy.

I am about to embark on moving into a new home, and even as a designer, I look for opportunities to get inspired for how I would like to decorate my home. And not just get inspiration, but putting them into action. Sure, there is always Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz to look at beautiful spaces and get some great inspiration, but nothing beats seeing these spaces in person, and also getting to feel the vibe and touch

So what are some of the things you can do over the 4th of July weekend that your home will thank you for? Here are 5 goodies

  1. Visit Show Houses, Parade of Homes, or Builder Showcase Homes

Casa Vilora Interiors

It really surprises me that not a lot of consumers know about show houses or showcase homes in their area. I explained in a bit more detail what they are, and why builders do them in a previous post. Click here to read.

Show houses tend to be marketed to a niche part of the market, and not many homeowners are aware that they even exist, and can tour these homes and get inspiration, usually from a host of top level designers, who are sometimes present during the times the show houses are open to the public. The beauty is that you pay a small admission fee, that usually benefits a charity organization, and you get to tour a home that is fully decorated with the latest home trends and technology. You will often get to ask questions of the actual designer for each space, or the docents that volunteer in their place. Typically you get a program with renderings of each space, with information about the concept behind its creation. It’s almost a mini consultation to at least hash out some of your own decorating ideas for your home.

If you are in the Houston area, there is an amazing one coming up in just a few days. I am one of 21 designers who are participating in designing this 10,000 square foot home built by Peterson Home Builder. You can find out more here, as well as purchase tickets. The ASID TGCC Designer Show House opens from July 7th to July 30th.

[button link=”” newwindow=”yes”] WIN A TICKET[/button]

2. Art Strolls

Casa Vilora Interiors | Katy Interior Designer

Living in a large city like Houston means that there lots of opportunities to attend events like art strolls. They are fun and you get to see and support the wonderful works of local artists. You can often get wonderful ideas and inspiration for your home, from a beautiful art piece that speaks to you. You will most likely also meet the actual artist of the piece, and learn more about the their thought process behind the piece

If you are local to Houston, you are in for a special treat with an art stroll happening tonight! Check out the event page here. If you live in a big city, be sure to look for these events and support local artists and businesses.

3. Local Decor Boutiques Holiday Sales

I am a big believer in shopping local, and it is a great way to spend the long weekend. Gather up a group of your girlfriends and head over to a decor boutique. They just might be running a holiday promotion as well. Unlike big box stores, shopping decor boutique shops is a great way to find more unique, handmade  and even antique items. The owners are often designers, or at least have connections to the industry, and they are always open to helping you make the right purchases based on your decorating needs

I a m hoping to venture into a brick and mortar operation in addition to my interior design studio later this year. Be on the look out for information about that coming soon

4. Get A Little Organizing Done

Casa Vilora Interiors Katy Interior Designer

That seems to be the biggest struggle with homeowners, and why they have trouble moving their decorating projects forward. A long weekend is a great time to get started – even just taking baby steps. Last year I hosted an Organizing Challenge with my Facebook community, and I was surprised by the many people who joined in. Some getting a whole room completely redone. Download a copy of the Organizing Tip Sheet from that Challenge here. It is a detailed guide for organizing a room in your home over 4 weeks

5. Start Exploring

Casa Vilora Interiors | Katy Interior Designer

The kids are probably being entertained by a family member or friend, and you have a moment of peace to do something that will help move your decorating project forward. Start exploring Interior Designers that you would like to interview for your project. Hiring an Interior Designer is a big decision. The chosen Designer will be in your life for a long time. Personalities, the way they work, their fee structure, their experience with your type of project, their availability and so much more come into play.

Doing some research on social media and their website is a great place to start to learn a bit more about how they work, and what other clients have to say about them. My website for example, contains detailed information, including pricing so that a prospective client can be well-informed before they even pick up the phone to call us. I believe in educating my prospective clients, and that is what my website and social media platforms are all about.

I even wrote an eBook about working with an Interior Designer. Click here to get a copy. Our ebook peels back the curtain, and reveals the good, the bad, and the not so pretty about the world of interior design.

Of course my service offerings are available for every budget. Check out our latest service offering: Curated Collections Room Packages. you get a fully decorated room plus a three hour styling session for one flat fee. Click here to find out more

Wishing you fun and relaxation this long Holiday weekend, and hoping that you get to do something that your home will thank you for

Casa Vilora Interiors | Katy Interior Designer


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