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7 Ways To Design The Life You Want Through The Space You Call Home

Family preparing a meal in new open kitchen
Veronica Solomon At Home With Her Children

I was just telling a new client recently that an overwhelming number of people leave their homes everyday for work, battle traffic for an hour, work their tails off all day, battle traffic back home, and then walk into a home that is anything but inspiring at night. They repeat this cycle every single day, and then they wonder why they are stressed.

Many people don't know the importance of a beautiful, comfortable and functional home that nurtures them and provides an escape from the craziness of the world. Instead they chalk it up to an unnecessary expense or a lifestyle reserved for the wealthy.

That could not be further from the truth. It is a proven fact that a nurturing home is good for your well-being. It promotes relaxation and minimizes stress. When a home is organized, and every detail is carefully selected to address the needs of the people who live there, there is no greater joy in the world.

When your home supports your lifestyle, hobbies, ability to relax, desire to entertain and connect with loved ones, your life can be so much richer.

So why do so many people resist interior design? Why does the prospect of hiring a designer scare them so much? Why are they more willing to seek that nurture from more temporary things like clothes and cars? Those things are all wonderful, but a surprising amount of people would much rather spend on a luxury car than on their home.

succulents and candle on marble top table
Image Via Wix Images

I think the interior design industry is partly to blame. For years we created this mystery surrounding our craft, and a typical homeowner would sometimes feel like an outsider. This is why Casa Vilora Interiors' mission is to make design accessible to anyone who would love to work with a professional interior design firm. We believe that everyone should experience their version of luxury in their home - whatever that luxury is to them. It really is not about how much money they spend, but rather what we spend their money on. It has to be the things that mean a lot to them. It has to be something that supports their lifestyle and hobbies and help connect them with family and friends. You can read all about our Mission here

Master bathroom with free standing tub, woven wood shades and herringbone marble floor
Master Bathroom Designed By Casa Vilora Interiors

Designing the life you want can sometimes be difficult, with a lot of variables that are out of your control. For many people, they don't have a lot of control over the job they have, or the behavior and attitudes of family and friends that are in their lives. But the one thing you can control is the place you call home. You get to decide how it feels when you walk through the door. Again, even though hiring an interior designer requires having a budget to spend on your home, it may not be as much as you think. Many design firms like ours, have consultation type services, and DIY-friendly services specifically for clients who desire to have a great home, but not all the money it will take at once. The advice and guidance of a design professional can be a major value in achieving the home you can be proud of

bedroom with white walls and white custom day bed
Guest Bedroom Design by Veronica Solomon | Casa Vilora Interiors

So what are the 7 ways that you can design the life you want through your home?

1. A Great Home Office

home office with blue wood bead chandelier
Home Office Designed By Veronica Solomon | Casa Vilora Interiors

I know, I know, it sounds like I am encouraging you to work harder by working from home. How does this help you to design your best life? Well, when you think about the amount of people that you and I probably know, who would love to quit their day job and pursue their entrepreneurial dream, it is astounding. Many people who have this strong desire have the fear of failure. Imagine if a peaceful, organized home office was the catalyst for finally making the leap. I know that experience first hand. Several years ago when my business wasn't doing very well, I was in the slump mentally and emotionally, until I decided to give my dining room a makeover - turning it into a study and lounge space. My confidence and will to succeed came back ten fold.

2. A Restful Master Retreat

master bedroom with upholstered headboard and custom bedding
Master Bedroom Designed By Veronica Solomon | Casa Vilora Interiors

This one seems obvious, except it's not. Most clients that I meet have a limited budget with which to decorate. They often choose to decorate the public areas first because that's what their guests experience. That makes a lot of sense, and actually a smart choice if you entertain a lot. But often times, they never get to the master bedroom.

Imagine having a serene space to end the day? A comfortable bed with luxury linens. A soft headboard that supports your back as you sit up to read in bed. A relaxing color palette. Imagine how refreshed you will feel each morning as you rise.

3. Kids Rooms

custom draperies and desk vignette in a boy's bedroom
Teen Boy's Bedroom Design By Veronica Solomon | Casa Vilora Interiors

This is another space that goes unnoticed for a long time - kids' rooms. After all, kids are the destroyers of all things fancy. haha. OK, that was harsh! But truly, many clients wait to decorate after the kids have grown up, and in the meantime, they miss out on the good life they could have had with a well decorated space. It is very possible to design a kid's room with longevity in mind. The materials chosen will play a key role in that. But how does designing your kids' rooms help you design a great life? Well, if you never have to worry about where your child is, that can relieve a lot of stress. Why not make your home the hang out home? That way, you always know where your kids are. Decorate their space with the needs of their friends in mind as well.

I was having a great conversation recently with a military wife with 4 children. Needless to say, they moved quite a bit, and each time the homes felt temporary and remained undecorated because they knew that they will have to pack up and move again. They are now settled into a home that is more permanent, and it is extremely important to her to make sure that her children experience that sense of grounded-ness and give them ownership of their own spaces. Decorating their rooms is high on her priority list. Imagine how much less stress she feels knowing that her kids are adjusting to new surroundings; making friends and not embarrassed to invite them over. The little things that go along way to living your best life

4. Recreation

Game room with pool table and seating areas
Game Room Designed By Veronica Solomon | Casa Vilora Interiors

Having a dedicated space for recreation and playtime can be one of the best things to consider for your home. A few reasons why it is a great idea for your well-being: It is often a place where the entire family can gather to reconnect and enjoy each other's company. It is also a great way to keep clutter out of the main living areas; often a place where the kids can let loose and not have to worry about damaging expensive furniture. It is casual, stress-free living

5. Support A Hobby

Family time in new open kitchen with porcelain island
Veronica Solomon With Her Family

That's a picture of me and my children in our newly redone kitchen. I will admit that I wouldn't call cooking a hobby of mine, but having a well designed and organized kitchen definitely makes me want to cook and spend time with the kids. The space is large enough where we can all be in there at once without trampling each other.

Whatever your hobbies and interests are, your home should support that. Whether you like to work out, do yoga, or read, or even binge watch Netflix. It is important to carve out a space in your home to support those hobbies

6. Legacy

Living Room With antiques
Living Room Designed by Veronica Solomon Photography by Miro Dvorscak

Pieces that have been handed down for generations in your family can be very important to incorporate into your home for your own peace of mind and happiness. It grounds you and gives you a sense of history. It was very important to my clients whom I designed this living room for several years ago, that I used as many of their family antiques as possible. We revived each one and made them fit into a neo-traditional space seamlessly. They plan to pass these pieces on to their two kids one day.

7. Light-Heartedness and Whimsy

Design should be fun and never stuffy. While the principles of design must be considered when you design a space, always leave room for the unexpected and fun elements. A room should make you feel good when you walk in. It could be because of the colors used, the pleasant smell of scented candles, a bouquet of flowers, artwork or whatever it is, adding a bit of whimsy in your space can make you happier.

I love walking into this particular room in my home with the "BubbleGum Blowers Wall Of Fame". This gallery wall makes me smile every time

Some key elements to include in your home to help create a great atmosphere, which in turn helps you live your best life are:

Fresh flowers and plants.

Scented candles

Always splurge on a comfortable mattress

Soft robes

Fluffy towels

Towel warmers

Great lighting and various types



Storage and organization

Family pictures

Kids Art

A vegetable garden

An indoor fountain

A fish tank

Selenite, Amethyst, Jadite

My hope is that if you are not experiencing a great life in your home, that you will do something to change that. Don't be intimidated by the idea of calling in a designer. Most of us can totally relate, and want nothing more than to help you live your best life. Reach out anytime to book an in home consultation, and get started with designing the life you want through the place you call home

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