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A Dramatic Powder Room

Hello my lovelies!

This week has been a bit crazy here in Casa Vilora land and the blog has suffered a bit this week. But I know you all are so very understanding that things happen….right? 🙂

Well, to make up for being M.I.A. this week, how about I give you a bit of eye candy? If you are into black paint that is. Lol. I think I just lost a few of you here, but I will let the pictures speak for themselves 🙂

This is a room tour of sorts. This room is my powder room right off the main living room and foyer. I am a big fan of adding drama in small spaces like a powder room and I decided to go with a color that would be hard to sell in any other room of the house…! Although I might add that black can be used in any room of your home to add drama. By placing light colored furniture against black walls with a pop of color used sparingly, the look is usually very stunning!

So here is my powder room today:

Casa Vilora Interiors

The room is literally about 3′ wide and about 6′ deep. You can see that it was difficult to get a good angle for the photographs because of the size of the space. It is designed to just go into and do your business and get out! I wanted it to feel a bit more special, thus the dramatic contrast of black walls with white and gold.

The paint color I chose is Benjamin Moore Onyx, done in a flat finish. I typically recommend doing really dark saturated colors in a good flat or low luster finish, as adding sheen will often cheapen the look – unless you go with a high gloss lacquered look……which I love! The ceiling was painted in a gold metallic paint from Modern Masters

I can’t seem to find any BEFORE photos, but if you can imagine with me for a second. The room began with a blah builder beige wall color and a small white pedestal sink. The light fixture and hardware were also builder basic in a chrome finish. I had the sink replaced with this small chest I bought at an antique store about three years ago. This is what it looked like then

Casa Vilora interiors

Not terrible, but nothing to write home about, so I decided to refinish it in a metallic gold color. I then had my amazing friend and Artist Aimee Chaison paint the cherry blossoms with the little birdie (that she knows I love) on the front of it. Prior to painting the chest, I had my plumber cut a hole through the top to add the plumbing and sink to make it a full fledged bathroom vanity.

I decided to juxtapose the traditional lines of the chest with a really contemporary square white porcelain sink and faucet. The faucet was actually chrome as I mentioned earlier, and I painted it in a metallic gold. It was honestly not one of my proudest moments, as the paint did not go on as smoothly as I had hoped, even after many coats of primer and top coat. I also spray painted all the hardware, like the toilet paper holder in a metallic gold.

The mirror is actually from Ikea – I believe it comes in a black and off-white. Mine was black and I spray painted it a bright white. I love how ornate it is but the white keeps it from being too traditional.

The vanity light was also replaced with a brass fixture with white glass shades. The former fixture was a really bad builder grade chrome fixture.

The art that I chose for the main wall in the powder room are prints from They are very abstract in bright fuchsia, yellow and white. The frames are very ornate and came from an antique store. I also found an antique painting of the girl reading at the same antique store. The finishes on the frames were dark brown and really heavy, and quite frankly, ugly. I almost passed on them because I just couldn’t see past the ugliness. Lol. But I liked the depth of the frames and so I took a chance on them, and now I absolutely love them! I just painted them with the same metallic paint from the ceiling and voila!

Here is the “business” side of the room, if you know what I mean 😉

Casa Vilora Interiors

A 2×3 white shag rug and white orchid completes the look.

So there you have it, my dramatic powder room. What do you think?

Would you paint the walls in your home black?

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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