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A Look Back At 2016 & Looking Forward To 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday with family and friends.

I had a pretty quiet holiday with the kids. Of course I got a lot of work done as well – planning for a great 2017 with a lot of new opportunities to look forward to

I have noticed on social media that a lot of folks are pretty much dumping on 2016; and to some extent, I can agree that it was a very difficult year in many ways. But what year hasn’t had its share of challenges? I am sure there are some to look forward to in 2017. But I learned a long time ago to take the good with the bad. Use them as lessons and push through. We sure lost a lot of great icons in 2016, but it gives us an opportunity to look at their accomplishments and learn a few things, and even apply those things to our own lives.

When I am faced with challenges in my own life, I often imagine myself on the other side of the problem. The side where I come out unscathed, after it’s all said and done. This means that I don’t focus on the problem, but focus on the resolution. Works every time. I also look for an inspiring story, or give of my time and talent to a cause. Doing so, causes me to shift the focus from myself, and focus on something positive. Last night I took about 15 minutes to read this blog post, and I can tell you that if I was ever feeling sorry for myself or making excuses for anything, it all went away after reading Jon’s story. I would highly recommend that you take the time to read this – especially if you are feeling uninspired

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

To look forward to a great new year, you must look back. It is wise to look back at the lessons from the previous year, and apply them in the new year. I know we often only remember the really good things that happen to us, or the really bad things, and that often paints an incomplete picture of our experiences. Sometimes it is the little things; the seemingly mundane things that make all the difference in the world.

So while others dump on 2016, I would love to share some of my great accomplishments, as well as some of the little things that motivated me to give my all and press on for an even bigger year in 2017

2016 actually started out with a bang. I completed my first full service commercial design project – a plastic surgery office in Katy, TX

Katy Interior Designer | Commercial Design | Office Design

I also completed my third full house project with the largest budget I had ever worked with at that point. This was the first of many more to come. I ultimately ended the year with my highest revenue earnings to date – more than doubling my revenue for my best year prior

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

I got my first magazine feature for the year by Houston  House and Home Magazine for the room I completed for the ASID Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Holiday Showhouse for 2015. You can read the story here. I went on to get a few more local magazine features

Katy interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

Katy Interior Designer

I completed our first pro bono project for the year. This one was a gift from Linse Meadows (my realtor) to her aunt who has many health issues and cannot work. I waived by design fees to complete the project. Take the tour here

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

I got the front cover of ASID TGCC Angle Magazine for Spring 2016. Yay!

Casa Vilora Interiors | Katy Interior Designer | Houston Designer:

I started The Solomon Project, which is a ministry for young pregnant moms; providing them with basic needs for their babies and a decorated nursery and bedroom. We just completed the second project in December

Katy Interior Designer

I was so honored to be nominated as one of the Top Ten Emerging Designers To Watch By Black Interior Designers Network. I even went to the annual conference in Atlanta

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

I was asked to be guest on three podcasts – A Well Designed Business by LuAnn Nigara with Window Works, Design 101 with Amanda Gates and Living Well with Charmaine Wynter

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

I received a prestigious Ruby award from ASID Texas Gulf Coast Chapter for the best Model Home/Show House. This is my second award from the ASID TGCC

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

I was asked to be co-chair for the new ASID TGCC Showhouse Committee

I sold my home and downsized to a small one room apartment, and that ended up being the best decision of my life. My small space was featured by Houzz. Read it here

Katy Interior Designer | Casa Vilora Interiors

I was asked to be the next president of the Interior Design Society (IDS) Houston Chapter, and I accepted. If you are a designer, consider joining this organization

Katy Interior Designer

As I mentioned above, my financial year in business was one of the best to date. But it didn’t just happen by chance. It is because of the hard work and changes I made to my process and systems. I had a great book of business with wonderful clients. I always have been blessed to work with the best clients ever, but for 2016 I didn’t just focus on customer service like previous years; I focused on bringing them value while still making a good profit to grow my business. This came with developing confidence and transparency, that my clients really appreciated. I had to deal with my own money mindset and understand that as the CEO of my corporation, I had a duty to be profitable

Related image

I had the blog redesigned with a new look to keep with my branding. I got this fun caricature created on Fiverr. I also continued to improve my main website


I was interviewed by HGTV (twice) for a possible upcoming show. Still waiting, so fingers crossed 🙂


I launched which is a mentor-ship program for junior designers and design students to help them get started with launching their businesses, and how to be profitable. I even created the website myself, which is still a work in progress, but should be completed at the end of March. This is one step toward creating other streams of income for my business. I am also launching eCourses for DIY clients

I received another Houzz award for service. This makes my third award from Houzz

Of course, there were several other accomplishments both professionally and personally. The most notable personal accomplishment of 2016 is becoming completely debt free, and focusing on savings

Related image

Looking Forward To The New Year

Katy Interior Designer

As I look forward to the new year, there are so many goals I have planned. The biggest personal goal is to meet someone, but I honestly am not in a huge rush to go out and look for one. That is the one thing I will leave to chance – and hope it find me when I am ready (guess I should say when HE finds me 🙂 )

Pray more and stay in the word more (The Bible)

I also will be planning a big trip to England with the kids for the summer – maybe hop on over to Paris while we’re there 🙂

Buying a freight container home or purchasing a fixer upper to live in, and take my time to fix it up just right

Professionally I have a whole lot planned for 2017

Hire a design assistant and a bookkeeper, increase my revenue by about 25% from 2016, consistently develop business, network more, possibly start up the retail (brick and mortar) arm of my business, increase my fees, build a consistent book of business with realtors and builders, develop my eCourses and mentorship programs, getting published nationally, more local features, 4 projects for The Solomon Project ministry, complete the ASID showhouse with a bang, follow through with the HGTV connections I have made in 2016, attend more conferences, blog more

I am sure there is a lot more that will be added to the list of goals.

I am wishing each and every one of you reading this post an amazing new year! Even if this year brings challenges, I pray that you will have the grit, the resilience and the will to push through and accomplish  great things. Seize the great opportunities that will come your way – learn how to identify them, and be CONSISTENT

Happy New Year! All the best for an amazing year!

Wishing You Beauty & Inspiration!


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