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A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Living Room REVEAL

We don't get very many requests for mid century modern spaces here at Casa Vilora Interiors, and when we do, it is truly exciting for us.

Mid Century Modern Living Room In Bellaire, Houston Texas. Designed By Veronica Solomon. Photographed By Colleen Scott

I had the pleasure of working with this couple on making their living room and breakfast room areas beautiful and still functional and livable for their large family.

It only took a two hour consultation in their home for me to realize that they didn't want the bold colors and fearless pattern mixing that we are known for. They wanted a neutral and clean palette.

This is where the living room began. Not a bad space at all. You can clearly see that a young family lives here - and they truly want to LIVE in their home without anything too precious and "pets and kids unfriendly".

The room already had some great wood floors which I love, the wonderful wall of windows, and the handsome wood shelves as a starting point.

The Living Room BEFORE

My first order of business was to really play up the main wall and make it a strong focal point. My client and I talked about possibly covering the facade of the wall with porcelain or marble slabs, but we decided against that option.

Mid Century Modern Living Room In Bellaire TX Showcasing Husk Wallpaper Behind Floating Wood Shelves. Designed By Veronica Solomon

The next option up my sleeve was to add the textured husk wallpaper in a deep dark color to the back of the shelves. One of my goals for the space, since it would have a neutral color palette, was to showcase a variety of natural materials and a lot of texture. I encouraged my clients to allow me to add some layers and reject a super minimal mid-century vibe. They obliged!

We wanted warmth and a room that exudes comfort and sophistication, and we wanted the space to feel cozy and not museum-like.

We painted the walls in a soft neutral with a hint of gray/blue, pulling from the colors in the rug and artwork - You know I had to sneak in just a bit of color!

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Comfort was very important to my clients, and we replaced the two existing sofas with these brand new clean-lined sofas. They are the perfect proportion and scale for the space and don't take up a lot of "visual" space, yet provide a lot of seating. They are super comfortable! We kept the chairs because they worked perfectly with the room

Some scatter ottomans were added in front of the fireplace and underneath the console table for extra seating and a place to put feet up. The console table is quite beautiful and helps to anchor the sofa it sits behind.

One of my favorite elements in the room is the light fixture. I knew immediately that it was the right one. I remember my client being slightly concerned that it might be too large prior to the installation, but loved it once it was in place. The sculptural effect and scale makes it a strong unifying piece in the room, and it definitely enhances our mid-century vibe.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Design By Veronica Solomon Features A Beautiful Wood And Abstract Metal Coffee Table

I chose the rug because it reminded me of a body of water reflecting trees. I really wanted to play up nature and natural elements like wood, marble, husk, greenery. The rug gives the room some movement and added interest. The art was also chosen for the effect of a beautiful landscape. But the piece that I am most excited about in the room is the coffee table! The mix of wood with abstract metal fit perfectly with the other materials.

Mid Century Modern Living With A Neutral Color Palette And Layers Of Texture

Privacy was not a major factor for my clients, but the many windows, and french door out to their beautiful backyard needed some type of treatment. We needed the strong silent type, haha. The woven wood shades are strong, in that they help to pull the room together, and silent, in that they are not trying to be the focal point of the room. They simply help the cohesiveness of the space.

Mid Century Modern Living Room With Floating Wood Shelves

When it came to styling the space with accessories, I knew that I had to exercise restraint. I love a more maximalist approach personally, but clearly that would not be right for this room. Some carefully chosen sculptural items, books, greenery and even new hardware on the cabinets helped to give the room that great finishing touch.

Mid Century Modern Living Room With A Neutral Color Palette

Overall I kept the room as symmetrical and balanced as possible; even with styling the bookshelves, to make sure the room felt as simple and modern as possible. It feels really good walking into this room.

Here's more from our living room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

This photo below is actually my favorite shot of the room. It gives you enough of a peek to make you want to see the rest - plus a great view of the large coffee table books that I love to style with, and of course, our mysterious bust on marble who watches over the room :-)

Mid Century Modern Living Room, Bellaire TX

I am so pleased with how the room turned out. My clients love it too, and I know they are enjoying it

We will be sharing the breakfast area in a future post.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our mid-century modern, texture filled, neutral living room in Bellaire, Houston Texas. All photography by Colleen Scott Photography

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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