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An Education In Area Rugs-Part II

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

By now you guys are experts in choosing the right color, material and construction of your area rug….right? 🙂

As I mentioned in Part I of this two part article, choosing the right size area rug is the biggest mistake people make. Choosing the proper size is essential to filling the space properly and making the rug look the best it can in your home.

Here are a few scenarios with illustrations outlining the best ways to determine the size rug you need for your space.

Illustration 1


In this illustration the room is  a large 16’x20′. Notice that all the furniture pieces are anchored on the rug. This creates a unifying feel and anchors the conversation grouping. You may even be able to accommodate a couple of conversation groupings. You always want to make sure all furniture pieces are sitting on the rug – even just the front two legs. otherwise the rug will seem to float in the room (I call it the magic carpet ride :-)). A 10’x13′ size rug was used in this example.

Illustration 2


In this illustration – A room-sized rug where the furniture floats center. A 10’x13′ or larger is recommended. Leave 12″ to 18″ of exposed floor to create a border around the rug – equal on all four sides if possible. In this example the room is 16’x18′

Illustration 3


In this illustration the rug is tucked under the front legs of the sofa with the back legs on or off depending on personal preference. A 8’x10′ size rug is recommended in an average size room. This room is 13’x14′. The rule of thumb is to leave 18″ to 24″ between the wall and rug, creating a border of exposed floor that frames the arrangement – equal on all four sides if possible.

Illustration 4


In this illustration an 8’x11′ size rug is used in this 13’x14′ dining room. There should be enough room for all chair legs to stay on the rug when comfortably pulled away from the table.

Illustration 5


In this illustration We used  a large rug under two legs but allowed wood floor to show all around the bed. The rug should be approximately 24″ or more wider and longer from the side of the bed.  The room shown is 13’x14′ and an 8’x11′ size rug.

Alternate Rug Shapes


This is an 8′ square rug. Perfect for large modern living rooms. Square rugs also work better than a rectangular rug under a round table.


This is an 8’x10′ oval rug. Oval rugs are a great alternative to rectangular rugs.


This is a 6’x9′ kidney rug. Great for making a statement in a modern living room.


This is an 8′ octagonal rug. Works well in a traditonal living room


This is an 8′ star rug. For when you just want to be different! 🙂


This is an 8′ round rug. Works best underneath a round table, but can be appropriate in a room with very linear furniture and some softness is desired.


These are runners, which work great for hallways, but a few can be used to achieve a layered effect in a seating area or bedroom

Rug Tiles are a great cost-effective way to create a custom area rug. Check out for more details about this product

Of course as a Texas resident, I have to mention cow hide rugs (faux ones :-))

So there you have it, all you need to know about area rugs. Hopefully you have learned a thing or two. If you haven’t read Part I of this two part article, you can find it here

Rug images are from

In the market for an area rug? Click here for a great selection.

Please don’t forget to comment and share! 🙂

Be Inspired!

Veronica Solomon

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