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Animal Magnetism: 10 Examples Of Perfectly Placed Animal Prints In A Room

Maximalist living room with gallery wall and animal print chairs
Living Room With Cheetah Chairs | Designed By Veronica Solomon | Photography By Colleen Scott

If I have said it once, I have said it a million times, that animal prints are neutral to me. I think animal prints can be used in almost any room to add another layer of pattern and texture.

If you love animal prints like I do, you can make it the focal point of the room by using it on larger pieces, like sofas and chairs. But if it is not exactly your thing, try using it in smaller does like on pillows, or by finding a subtle pattern that is less of a contrast and more tone-on-tone. Or simply use it in a natural hide instead.

I have done many rooms over the years where I snuck in an animal print pattern just to add a bit of pizzazz. I have had clients resisted as well, because all they can imagine is some cheesy 80's seedy motel room.

Animal prints these days are very sophisticated, and are often seen on high fashion runways. In fact, animal print is big this season.

In case you are one of those clients who are curious about animal prints, but maybe a bit apprehensive, here are 10 examples of how you can achieve purr-fect results from using it in your home. As you look through these rooms that The Casa Vilora Interiors team have completed, I want you to try to imagine them without the patterns used. See if they would have the same impact to you.

Tiger striped sofa with bold draperies and grassclcoth wallpaper
Casa Vilora Interiors Design Studio by Veronica Solomon | Photography by Colleen Scott

1. This living room is actually the living room vignette in the Casa Vilora Interiors studio. I chose the tiger striped fabric to reupholster the sofa to show a daring mix of patterns and color, and how they can work together beautifully, and still have a luxurious look. Although the tiger pattern is strong, it almost acts as a neutral; blending with other colors used in the room

maximalist living room with gallery wall and cheetah chairs
Maximalist Living Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

2. This maximalist living room happens to be my personal living room in my home. I always love when a space is storied and collected, and layered with pieces that have meaning to the homeowner. This room is all that for me, and the cheetah print on the chairs add a strong presence in the room.

TV loft with blue velvet chairs and black velvet sofas
TV Lounge by Veronica Solomon Casa Vilora Interiors

3. This TV loft area is also a great example of how I enjoy mixing patterns that may not ordinarily be thought of as blending together. I used a wool area rug with a very graphic zebra print in beige and black. Notice how the rug is neutral, and although the pattern is strong, it doesn't take away from the other elements in the room. I even added another zebra pattern in the pillows; making sure the scale was different from that of the rug.

Guest bedroom with white walls and furniture and pops of color in pillows
Guest Bedroom designed by Veronica Solomon Casa Vilora Interiors

4. If you prefer something more subtle, then this room might be better suited for you. The room is mostly white from walls to furnishings, and color was added through pillows. Just a hint of animal print in the pillows. I also added a Mongolian wool bench and throw for texture

Stairs with antelope print carpet
Vignette by Veronica Solomon Casa Vilora Interiors

Blue Antelope Carpet on stairs in foyer
Foyer Designed by Veronica Solomon

5. In this example, you can see a small peak of an antelope print carpet. This is a great way to add a pop of animal print to a space in a surprising and unexpected way. A standard builder basic set of stairs got the wow factor with the blue antelope print carpet

Ibex head dinign room table with grasscloth walls
Dining Room Designed by Veronica Solomon with Casa Vilora Interiors

6. This dining room is one of my favorite spaces. I love the Ibex Head dining table I had custom made for the room, and felt that a great animal print rug would add a bold element of drama.

vignette in wall niche painted dark blue
Vignette Designed by Veronica Solomon | Photography by Niki

7. Adding animal prints in accessories is a great way to use them in a space without the commitment. This zebra striped box can easily be replaced with another piece without reworking the space

Upholstered parsons table, custom fuchsia draperies
Vignette by Veronica Solomon with Casa Vilora Interiors

8. I have to admit that I really hate snakes, but I love their skin. I think a python print is one of the most beautiful patterns there is. This faux python leather parsons table that I designed and had custom made, acts as a vanity in this guest bedroom.

Dark floral wallpaper by Ellie Cashman with upholstered headboard
Bedroom Scene by Veronica Solomon. Photographed by Colleen Scott

9. This is another great example of how a well place animal print can elevate a vignette. This bedding really benefited from the subtle antelope pattern in the pillows. Still soft, but very well layered.

Monochromatic living room with antelope rug and white sofas
Living Room Designed By Veronica Solomon. Photographed by Colleen Scott

10. This monochromatic living room boasts a beautiful antelope print rug that really helps to anchor the room with really tall ceilings. The darker tones play off the permanent features of the room like the flooring and wall unit, and the lighter tones in the rug complement the white slip-covered upholstery. The overall look is an inviting living room with lots of subtle patterns.

Now that you have seen some great examples of how to use animal print in your home - whether boldly or in small doses, are you ready to give it a try?


Book an in home consultation today if you need help incorporating animal prints in your decor

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