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#BookCrush: Storied Interiors by Patrick Sutton

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Storied Interiors by Patrick Sutton
Storied Interiors by Patrick Sutton Book Cover

Another amazing new book came across my desk within the last few weeks, and I am enjoying every moment of it. Storied Interiors by Patrick Sutton is a collection of amazing interiors created by Patrick Sutton, who shares my belief that each home should tell the story of those who inhabit it.

Patrick Sutton book Storied Interiors
Patrick Sutton, Baltimore Designer + Principal Of Patrick Sutton Design Firm

The book recalls Patrick's childhood as the son of a Travel Journalist, whose job was to seek out the magic of the world and share it with the rest of us. Imagine as a child being exposed to the sights and culture of places like Paris, Kenya, Marrakesh. It's no wonder the vivid, visual library of the world's most beautiful places have come to shape the interiors Patrick creates today. His interiors are drawn from a world of travel and elegance, and each interior space is all about crafting a story, and telling it through the principles of design.

Patrick seeks to tell the authentic story of each space, developed from an initial core idea that is derived from the site itself, the location, the history, the client's aspirations, and further reinforced through a series of details and application of design principles. The result is an engaging an authentic finished space that far outlives trends and passing fashions.

The beautiful main sitting room in the Clocker's Tower project located in Maryland's horse country with wraparound windows, takes full advantage of the views of the entire valley.

Patrick Sutton storied interiors
Main Sitting Room Of Clocker's Tower Project by Patrick Sutton

Patrick Sutton Storied Interiors
Clocker's Tower Project by Patrick Sutton

The living room below is definitely a story of how the memories of where you come from can shape who you are. The couple that this space was created for lived in the historic Georgetown area of Washington DC, where this townhouse is located, while they were dating. Years later, as successful professionals with a family, they are connecting back to the place that holds fond memories for them, and reengaging with the neighborhood and community

Patrick Sutton Storied Interiors book
Historic Georgetown, Washington DC Project by Patrick Sutton

Patrick Sutton Storied Interiors Book
Historic Georgetown, Washington DC Townhouse designed by Patrick Sutton

The story of this project in particular connected with me. I have found that life evolves away from our preconceived notions and what we sometimes think it is supposed to be, to what life actually is. If we listen to our own voices, we will find that we shed the default of the easy-to-follow rules of formality, and yearn for comfort and livability.

That was the case with the family who call this now deformalized space home. They realized after buying and settling into a traditionally decorated house, that it did not serve their varied interests. They desired a space where they could be themselves.

Dining Room - Storied Interiors by Patrick Sutton
The Deformalized Dining Room. Designed by Patrick Sutton

Patrick Sutton Storied Interiors
The Deformalized Living Room. Designed by Patrick Sutton

The reclaimed timbers and rough wood walls create a cozy backdrop for overstuffed sofa and comfy chairs. The Deer Valley, Utah penthouse is located in a 19th century building built on the site of a silver mine. The family who now calls it home are active and love the outdoor lifestyle and crisp clean air of the Western Mountains. The project was a transformative immersion into the essence of the place the family had come to know and love.

Patrick Sutton Storied Interiors Book
Deer Valley Utah Silver Mine Project by Patrick Sutton

Patrick Sutton Storied Interiors Book
Deer Valley Utah Silver Mine Project by Patrick Sutton

The Rye Street Tavern in Maryland was designed as an immersive journey into Maryland's history; its link to the bounty of Maryland Farms and waters; the cuisine and the music.

Patrick Sutton Storied Interiors
Rye Street Tavern Project, Maryland by Patrick Sutton

Patrick Sutton Storied Interiors Book
Rye Street Maryland Project by Patrick Sutton

Patrick is right, that from childhood we evolve, and each of us carries a story, or many, of what our lives would look like, based on our experiences and interactions with others. It shapes the people we become, the decisions we make, the homes that we live in. The interior and outdoor spaces captured so beautifully in Storied Interiors is just that - the stories of the families who get to call them home. The things that were important to them and what they wanted to be surrounded by. In each space, Patrick sought to bring out the "humanity in the buildings"

Storied Interiors is on the list of one of my favorites. I encourage you to pick up a copy for yourself, and a friend for the holidays.

Be inspired to tell your story in your home.

All images provided by Hello PR Group. Published by Images Publishing

I received an advance copy of Storied Interiors by Patrick Sutton for my honest review. All opinions are my own

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