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Bring Out Your Inner Technicurean With Signature Kitchen Suite Appliances

Updated: May 25, 2019

When innovative technology meets your lifestyle, it is a beautiful thing. There's no better example of this than Signature Kitchen Suite brand of appliances and their commitment to bringing leading-edge technology, purposeful and innovative thinking to their lineup of appliances that fulfill the need of the true epicurean

Signature Kitchen Suite, which is the luxury appliance arm of LG Electronics has coined the term #Technicurean, which is where smart technology meets the need of the consumer who demands a luxury experience that is thoughtful and personal

Each appliance is designed with intuitiveness, purpose, meaningful technology, and backed with a premium concierge service that will provide an authentic culinary experience

Being "True To food" is at the core of their mission. By respecting food at every level, they honor the ones who produce it, the ones who prepare it, and the ones who are lucky enough to enjoy it.

Signature Kitchen Suite
Image Via Signtaure Kitchen Suite 48" Range With Built-in Sous Vide

Those strong values and commitment were made very evident when I had the opportunity to spend two days fully immersed in Signature Kitchen Suite brand at their new, state of the art Experience and Design Center in Napa CA.

I was chosen as one of 22 Modenus Designhounds for the Signature Kitchen Suite Napa 2019 Experience, and boy what an experience it was. There is nothing like a hands on approach to experiencing their brand and appliances. Read more about it HERE

Our itinerary was packed with fabulous experiences like wine tastings at some of Napa's top wineries like Artesa, top chef prepared meals and demos by Chefs Nick and AJ at their Experience and Design Center, amazing cuisine at Napa's finest restaurants like CIA Copia and Auberge Du Soleil, tour at the Chuck Williams Culinary Arts Museum, hands on experience and demos with the appliances, and educational seminars by LuAnn Nigara, Carla Aston, Claire Jefford and Leslie Carothers.

Of course, our accommodations at Vista Collina were second to none, and just talking shop with a group of fellow designers and brand executives over a glass or two of wine, was the most amazing experience ever!

I was so impressed with the Experience and Design Center, and all the thought that went into showcasing their brand and allowing visitors the opportunity to truly experience the appliances through cooking demos with their top chef, as well as guided tours.

As you walk in through the main entrance, you are greeted with a series of TV screens that almost feels like you are aboard the Star Ship Enterprise at the command central. It is quite spectacular, and it showcases information about the brand, and even their social media feeds.

The Main TV Screens In the Entrance Of The Signature Kitchen Suite Experience And Design Center

To the right is a beautiful lounge, where you can relax and enjoy a glass of wine - we are in Napa after all.

As you meander through the building, you will come across several amazing vignettes featuring their absolutely amazing appliances. Beautiful kitchens, the smart center that boats the latest in smart home technology - I mean even your sofa can be smart. Who knew!

This kitchen vignette is one of my favorites

Signature Kitchen Suite Appliances
A favorite Kitchen Vignette At Signature Kitchen Suite Experience and Design Center

Towards the back of the building is an enormous demo kitchen where visitors have the opportunity to cook on the appliances or watch a live demo by chef AJ.

Chef AJ Giving A Demo To the Design Hounds In the Demo Kitchen At Signature Kitchen Suite Experience And Design Center In Napa CA

My favorite appliance is the award-winning 48"range with the built-in sous vide, the only one of its kind in the industry. It is quite impressive delivering precision cooking right on the cooktop.

Image Via SKS Appliances Website . 48" Range With Built-In Sous Vide

Notice the refrigerator below that was showcased at the Chuck Williams Culinary Arts Museum; it is very clean on the inner back - no vents visible!

Below is the French Door refrigerator with a convertible middle drawer that aligns perfectly with the standard counter height.

Image Via SKS Appliances Website

And great news if you are a wine connoisseur. Their 24" wine columns have a 113 bottle capacity and features dark opaque glass for UV protection, touch display, resists vibration, and 3 temperature zones for optimal conditions for whites, reds and sparkling wines.

Every Technicurean rejoice! Who doesn't love the perfect pairing of wine with great dishes?

Image Via SKS Appliances Website. 24" Wine Columns

Here, Zach Elkin, General Manager for Signature Kitchen Suite and LG Electronics gives us a guided tour of other appliances like their washers and dryers, the styler, which is an amazing steamer and refresher for your clothes. It is like having your personal dry cleaner in your home. I may be owning one of them soon! Yay!

Zach Elkin Giving Us A Tour Of The Experience And Design Center. We Are In The LG Signature Vignette

Locker Room At SKS Appliances With 2 18" Stylers

In the midst of all the wine and delicious foods, and all the wonderful things that Napa had in store for us, one thing stood out the most to me, is the PRIDE of the brand and the people who work at Signature Kitchen Suite. This is the tell tale sign of a company that cares about its people - employees and customers alike, and its products. It was very evident that they are not just about building the best products, but equally important, building relationships and trust.

As a designer, I stand behind these amazing appliances and look forward to specifying them for upcoming projects. Once you experience Signature Kitchen Suite appliances, there is no going back to the status quo of what "luxury" should be. True luxury adds value to your life, and that's what SKS appliances does best

Here are a few more highlights from Napa

The Best View In Napa - From Artesa Winery. Image Via Gloribell Lebron

A Group Of Design Hounds At The Lounge At SKS Appliances Experience And Design Center

A Vignette At Chuck Williams Culinary Arts Museum At CIA Copia

A Yummy Cupcake Display At SKS Appliances Experience And Design Center

Chef prepared Dinner At SKS Appliances Experience And Design Center

Yummy Chef Prepared Dinner And Wine Tasting At SKS Appliances Experience And Design Center

Learning All About SKS Appliances From Zach Elkin

The Beautiful Liza Jones And Veronika Eagleson

Loved All The Fresh Flowers At SKS Appliances Experience And Design Center

Me And Elizabeth Scruggs

Artesa Wine Cellar. 4000 Barrels

A Day In Sonoma

Cute Shop In Sonoma

The Gardens At Cornerstone Sonoma

We had so much fun, and tons more photos to share. This was an experience of a lifetime, and I am so happy that I got to experience Signature Kitchen Suite appliances firsthand.

Veronika Eagleson, CEO and Founder of Modenus. Image Via Leslie Carothers

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Veronika Eagleson and the Modenus team for inviting me to be a part of the inaugural Napa designhounds tour. Veronika, my namesake is the the powerhouse behind these amazing tours and brand immersions, and I love her passion and commitment to connecting designers with innovative brands like SKS Appliances, which in turn brings the best of the best to our clients and consumers in general.


I also want to thank my fellow designhounds and the design council for an amazing time in Napa! Let's do it again!

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Wishing You beauty And Inspiration!


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