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Carving Out A Mudroom From A Narrow Hallway

Hope you all had a great Christmas and looking forward to the new year ahead.

A mudroom might not seem like a big deal if you live in an area where it is a typical feature of a home. But here in Houston Texas, a mudroom is a unique feature. Most builders do not include mudrooms in a floor plan because it doesn’t snow here.

My client really wanted a mudroom where her kids could drop off their shoes and back packs (and coats in the winter), and keep them out of the main space. We looked at installing one in the laundry room, but it would have created a problem with getting things in and out of the door way to the room. There was just no room!

We toyed with the idea of including storage in a built-in bench we were doing in the foyer, but that would not have been very convenient for daily use. The only logical thing to do was to carve out an area near the garage where they entered the home everyday. The only option was a small hallway that was only about 4′ wide and 7′ long. The plan was to commission a built-in unit that would not take up much of the hallway foot print

katy interior designer

We created this unit using bead board and paint grade wood. My client wanted a lot of hanging options that were lower so that the kids could reach them easily. She also wanted a space for shoes. We created the tiny pockets at the bottom for storing shoes. The pockets are slanted to take up less space. They are about 4″ deep and are separated into about 4 compartments.

katy interior designer

We painted it out in a navy semi-gloss to hide scuff marks.

The “antiques” sign was picked up at a local resale shop and adds a finishing touch to this unit

There was even space in the hallway for a family portrait on the opposite wall.

The result is a very functional and unobtrusive piece that addresses my client’s needs for convenient storage and a drop off zone

What do you think? Are you in need of some clever storage in your home? We are happy to help.

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Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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