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#Chairish Color In Your Home

The soothing white and gray neutral color schemes have been a constant in the last few years in the world of interior design. Many of my clients are still asking for this look and it is still widely popular. However, there has been a new resurgence of color in interior design, and lots of it!


Image Above Via Restoration Hardware

As much as I like the monochromatic look, I am a girl who loves color! Growing up in the Caribbean, I was always surrounded by beautiful and vibrant colors; so color is definitely a part of me. Imagine how excited I was when I was asked by Chairish to create a colorful inspiration board around one of their beautiful, colorful vintage rugs.

If you are a fan of vintage and one of a kind items for your home, you may already be familiar with Chairish. Incase you are not, you are in for a treat today! Chairish is an exclusive, curator approved, online marketplace for vintage and used furniture, décor, jewelry and accessories. Chairish makes it fun and easy for design lovers to buy and sell these vintage items. With thousands of products available, it is a treasure trove for Designers and design enthusiasts looking for beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces.

I fell in love immediately with this  paisley Kashmiri rug. Paisley is a favorite pattern of mine, and this colorful rug did not disappoint. I decided to create my inspiration board around this gorgeousness! But as you will see later, I fell equally in love with a Persian Sarouk rug. I couldn’t decide which I loved more, so I created a second inspiration board. Double the fun! 🙂

Katy Interior Designer

Here is my first inspiration board created in Olioboard.

Katy Interior Designer

You will see that the pieces chosen are for a colorful and eclectic living room. I imagine that the owner of this room (a virtual client) is quite possibly a globe-trotter with a real appreciation for vintage and classic pieces that tell a story. Pieces that are unique and feel like they were collected over time. Nothing matches, yet they all work together for a cohesive design.

You can see that there is nothing conventional, or even expected about this inspiration board. From the gorgeous yellow chesterfield sofa, to the sable ottomans to the vintage Italian blown glass chandelier, also from Chairish. The pops of color in the rug and seating are balanced with the white and brass that is sprinkled throughout. The pink Cameroon Juju Headdress is also from Chairish, and adds a beautiful soft texture to the arrangement. A little bit of black in the sconces and abstract art also helps to ground the room. Benjamin Moore White Dove would make a great back-drop to this colorful room

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Ready for the next inspiration board? 🙂

This beautiful blue Persian Sarouk was another favorite of mine.

Katy Interior Designer

And here is the inspiration board I created in Olioboard

Katy Interior Designer

This room is also a collection of vintage pieces with a bit of contemporary and mid-century vibe. I just had to include my new favorite color Kelly green. The beautiful navy in the rug is a big color trend at the moment, and works great with the green. How yummy are the kelly green ottomans? The amazing red floral vintage Kantha egg chairs are also from Chairish and they add a bit of a feminine touch.

This room would also benefit from a white paint color as the backdrop.

Do you love color but shy away from using it in your home? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. You can use the 60-30-10 rule: 60% of a dominant color (which is usually neutral, but you can go with any color you can live with in large doses). 30% secondary color, and 10% accent color

  2. Follow nature’s lead. Look outside and you will see color everywhere in nature. Observing a field of flowers is a great way to see a combination of hues and values that work well together

  3. Add a bit of black. A touch of black in a colorful room always helps to ground the room

  4. Think balance. Always be sure to distribute color properly throughout the room.

  5. Think color value and contrast. It is often more pleasing to the eye to use the same value of different colors. Example: Notice how a box of neon colored highlighters work well together? Just don’t decorate with all neons 🙂

  6. Consider how color affects your mood

  7. Live with color before you buy. Ask for samples and take them home and live with them for a while. Look at them at different times of the day to get a good feel of how different lighting conditions affect the color. This could be paint swatches and fabric samples

  8. Go for it and have fun! A colorful home is usually a happy home. Your home is the place to express who you are and what colors speak to your personality.

Now that you have seen the color possibilities inspired by these amazing pieces from Chairish, why don’t you hop on over to their website and check out more from their amazing collections. You can also follow Chairish on Facebook and Instagram

Note: This is not a paid or sponsored post. The opinions expressed are all my own

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!

Katy Interior Designer

Veronica Solomon Owner/ lead Designer Casa Vilora Interiors

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