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Color Trends For 2019 From High Point Market

Hello Lovelies,

I am fresh back from High Point Market where I was one of the Design Influencers for the Fall 2018 Design Bloggers Tour. And when I say that I was so honored to be in the presence of some fabulous designers and bloggers, I am not kidding. It was an amazing adventure and I have so much to share with you all.

Since there is so much good stuff to share, I will break up my High Point recap into 3 posts starting with the color trends I observed…..because you know I am all about color!

Before we get to the meat of the matter, let me re-introduce you to my Design Influencer colleagues, and the organizers of the Tour

  1. Cecilia Cannon,

  2. Sara Chiarilli,

  3. Lori Dennis,

  4. Allison Fannin,

  5. Shavonda Gardner,

  6. Linda Holt,

  7. Nora Murphy,

  8. Kevin O’Gara,

  9. Lee Prince,

  10. Veronica Solomon,

Please feel free to go check them out as well. We were all on the same tour, but I guarantee you that we will all have different perspectives and things that resonated with us. That’s what I love about design!

Of course the Tour would not be possible without the amazing team at Esteem Media, led by Adam Japko, shown at the far right and his two fabulous assistants Luba and Beverley. And of course, the team at High Point Market Authority.

And a special thanks to our Tour sponsors, who gave us the VIP treatment for two glorious days.

  1. Aidan Gray,

  2. Bernhardt Furniture,

  3. Cisco Brothers,

  4. Crypton Home Fabric,

  5. Dorel Home,

  6. E.J. Victor,

  7. Four Hands,

  8. Littman Brands,

  9. Lloyd Flanders,

  10. Modern History Inc.,

  11. Norwalk Furniture,

  12. Stickley,

  13. Surya,

  14. Thibaut Fine Furniture,

  15. Universal Furniture,

It was a lot of work going from showroom to showroom in two days, but I think I speak for all my fellow design influencers when I say that we enjoyed learning about the vendors’ stories, products, how they are made and how they source some of the amazing materials they use. I have been going to Market since 2012 maybe, and it was a whole different perspective getting to know more about the stories behind the products and the people who create them.

Here is our group at the Aidan Gray Home showroom, where we had the pleasure of being introduced to their now line of furniture by The Antiques Diva. 

Such a fabulous line that brings together the lines of antique pieces with a modern twist. This collection brings me to the first color trend at Market

Black and White

The Antiques Diva Collection For Aidan Gray

Black and white has always been a mainstay when it comes to color trends. But this market, the combination has been reimagined just a bit. I just love the application of the modern leather color blocking on these antique chairs. And as long as there are stripes involved, sign me up

The Antiques Diva Collection For Aidan Gray


I wasn’t very surprised that green is still holding strong, but I was surprised to see the varying tones that were everywhere. Malachite green has to be my favorite of all the greens that I saw. This amazing sectional at E.J.Victor is as comfortable at it is beautiful. And if you look really carefully, you will see that it is definitely meant for lounging with the thick arms and back, which are perfect for floating in a room for more lounging space.

E.J. Victor

And not to be outdone, is the amazing Shamsian Collection that is characterized by the intricate yet harmonious patterns, capturing cultural stories in each piece. The detail that goes into producing these beautiful pieces is nothing short of impressive. I was so happy to learn more about how these pieces are made.

E.J. Victor


Neutrals are still a thing; and gorgeous in their own right, as you are about to see from the fabulous vignettes at Bernhardt Furniture and Stickley Furniture. Both companies are known for their timeless detailing and high quality furnishings








Butter Scotch/Caramel

The thing that surprised me the most is how much I loved seeing the return of warmer tones, especially in this butterscotch, caramel or even a cognac shade, that were mostly on leather accent chairs and upholstery. Four Hands did not disappoint with some gorgeous pieces in this color way.


Four Hands

Four Hands

Ralph Lauren Collection at E.J. Victor

Ralph Lauren Collection at E.J. Victor

Four Hands

Four Hands

Four Hands


I think gold is always going to make my Market roundups. They are always a trend, but each Market, I see gold either taking the leading role, or working fabulously in a supporting role. These beautiful chandeliers from Hudson Valley Lighting are a great mix of gold with black and gold with white

Hudson Valley Lighting

Hudson Valley Lighting

And this gorgeous vignette at E.J Victor showcases gold as an accent quite well


Blush Tones

The feminine touch of blush in a room cannot be unnoticed. Walking into Cisco Brothers showroom was an experience in itself. Gorgeous bench made pieces that are showcased beautifully in a 1900’s cotton mill warehouse was enough to make me want to stay there all day. Dorel Home also had some amazing blush tone pieces. This line is very affordable and a great option for apartment dwellers. I was noticing that the blush trend was leaning towards purple tones as well as the clay tones, and not so much the baby pink that we have seen in the last couple of years

If you have been following my powder room makeover for The One Room Challenge, you will know that I am going with blush for the walls. Can’t wait to see it finished 🙂

Cisco Brothers

Cisco Brothers

Cisco Brothers

Dorel Home Furniture

Dorel Home Furniture


Novogratz Collection For Dorel Home Furniture

E.J. Victor

Indigo/Denim Blue

The casual look of denim blue is timeless in my book. It always reminds me of a great pair of jeans that you can dress up or down depending on the look and feel you are after. Cisco Brothers is a great example of how denim can be casual and not fussy.

Lloyd Flanders was a favorite stop on the tour with their beautiful and durable outdoor furniture. I was loving the chairs with the seat cushions integrated into the piece itself. That way, you don’t need an additional cushion – perfect for the dry heat here in Texas.

Universal furniture brought out the sophisticated side of denim in a few of their vignettes. And I was just loving all the blues in their new Coastal Living Collection

Cisco Brothers

Lloyd Flanders

Lloyd Flanders

Universal Furniture

Universal Furniture


I was happy to see yellow in all its glory as one of the trending colors at market. It seemed the brighter, the better. Surya had a fabulous vignette set up that spoke to a more youthful and well traveled application, while E.J. Victor and Modern History showed off the more sophisticated side of yellow

E.J. Victor

E.J. Victor

Modern History


Red, White and Blue Combo

The timelessness of the red white and blue combination can sometimes bring to mind a more patriotic theme. But it could also serve as a very familiar and sophisticated feel. Thibaut Fine Furniture never disappoints with their bold use of color and patterns. And together with Crypton Home Fabrics, you can fearlessly use the best fabrics on upholstery even with kids and pets in your home

Thibaut Design With Crypton Home Fabrics

Thibaut Fine Furniture With Crypton Home Fabrics

Crypton Fabric Samples at Thibaut

I was happy to see that grays weren’t as dominant at Market as in recent years, and the design world is once more embracing color.

Come back next week as I talk more about the materials that were trending at High Point.

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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