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Custom Drapery – A Very Important Layer Of A Well Designed Room

This post is in partnership with Helser Brothers Drapery Hardware @HelserBrothers. The views expressed are my honest feedback from being a customer of theirs for over 8 years

I love this quote by Lynda Reeves in the October 2014 issue of House and Home Magazine.

“Usually, when I step into a room that’s on-trend by a hip new designer, I’m more likely struck by the drama of a huge piece of contemporary art, the starkness of an almost-empty room or the bold architecture and scale of the space. That’s all fine, and I get it. Great spaces are, in themselves, art. But what about decorating? What about rooms that are layered with details and made comfy and interesting by what’s in them? Well, I am happy to report that it seems our current love of the “undecorated look” has finally maxed out. We’ve come full circle, and warm, layered, cozy rooms are a trend again. I have a sense that this trend is going to be big.” Lynda Reeves for House and Home Magazine, Oct 2014 issue.

This was 4 years ago almost to the day, and this still holds true. At least in my mind. A well designed room cannot be void of the decorations that give it personality.

Maximalist Living Room with eclectic, bold touches

Now, if you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I love maximalism. I love my collections and the things that I hold dear. But you don’t have to be a maximalist like me to understand that layering is important. And truth be told, there is a fine line between a well pulled together maximalist look and “hoarder chic” (Dang, we should hashtag that one. Make sure you give me credit 🙂 #HoarderChic. Haha). Ok, back to the article……

One unmistakable element that a well designed room should have is custom drapery – even if there is already hard window coverings there for privacy, draperies have a very important role. They tend to envelop the room and act as a back drop. They bring about the opportunity to pull a room together for cohesiveness with color and pattern and even texture. They stop the eye, and allow you to enjoy the room itself.

Custo drapery

Now, with every custom drapery application, the fabric choice and style of drapery are the most important things to consider. Depending on the look, feel and function you are after, these must be carefully considered. But right up there with the fabric choice and the style of the treatment, is the hardware.

Custom Drapery hardware by Helser Brothers

Custom Drapery Hardware By Helser Brothers

The drapery hardware acts in a similar way to how your jewelry would affect your outfit. This is something that must also be carefully considered as you think about the layers for the room. The more opportunities you have for custom hardware the better. You want to be able to specify the right length and diameter for the rod, the right finish for all the individual pieces, the right brackets so they will be securely attached to your walls, and the right finials for the style you are after.

One company that knows drapery hardware is Helser Brothers Drapery Hardware based in Arizona.

Screenshot From Helser Brothers Website

I have been using Helser Brothers now for well over 7 or 8 years, and have never been disappointed.

Jay And Mark Helser

Helser Brothers Drapery Hardware is led by brothers Jay and Mark Helser (handsome fellas, right?), and I can tell you that they are true visionaries and innovators, who not only believe in delivering a quality product, but also delivering quality experiences for their customers.

Their story began began in 1996 in Chandler, AZ in a 900 square foot space, and by 2003, expanded into a 19000 square foot manufacturing facility.

This quote from their website is not just a quote, but from my experience, words that they live by.

“[Helser Brothers] are respected innovators and suppliers of window covering solutions for the design industry, with intense focus on customer devotion and social integrity.”

Helser Brothers Catalog

Helser Brothers is a to-the-trade company catering to the needs of designers and their clients. They offer competitive pricing for a high quality product That is made in America. They pride themselves on fast turnaround and creative solutions to some of the design challenges custom window treatments can present. They are always open and willing to tackle some of the most “off-the-wall” design challenges, and provide you with expert advice and ideas. Like I said – they know drapery hardware. Their customer service team is second to none – actually the best I have seen in the hardware industry! They are committed to serving their designers as well as the end users of their products. They make us look good to our clients for sure.

For my living room and dining room project, I chose Helser Brothers because I know I have some great options.

Jackie Von Tobel Collection For Helser Brothers

Jackie Von Tobel Collection For Helser Brothers

I went with the Jackie Von Tobel Collection which features beautiful classic designs. Of course there are many more collections to choose from – modern to classic and everything in between.

The Greek Key finials are to die for! I fell in love with them right away – although I had a hard time deciding between the Greek Key and the Pagoda finials. There were tons of standard finishes to choose from plus options for upgraded finishes. The gold finish really complements my orange silk draperies beautifully!

Can you see how the whole room comes together with custom drapery panels and fabulous Helser Brothers hardware? I chose to do a large “puddle” on the drapery panels because I was going for a very feminine, collected feel, where things didn’t feel too “designed” and “shiny and new”. I wanted almost a french salon, flea-markety feel – but chic, not a hoarders haven (hashtag worthy again! #HoardersHaven). Haha.

But seriously, I cannot imagine this room without the draperies. It was a great way to soften the look of the shutters and pull all my collections together.

If you are a designer, run…..don’t walk, and check out Helser Brothers! You can thank me later. Actually, look for me at Hight Point in October and buy me a drink. I will be there with bells on! Well, I will be there as part of the Design Bloggers Tour. Same difference! 🙂 Yep! That’s little ol’ me at the bottom right.

And if you are a homeowner reading this post, talk to your designer about specifying Helser Brothers drapery hardware. You can thank me by commenting below 🙂 If you don’t have a designer, pick me! Pick me!

Also, one tiny little favor. I deserve it after bringing you this fabulous drapery hardware resource, right? 🙂

Please keep voting for me for the HGTV Faces of Design Awards. It’s a big deal to little ol’ me! And my two kids, I hope 🙂

Here’s where you can vote for me daily until September 27th! RIGHT HERE

So close!

HGTV Faces of Design Awards - Casa Vilora Interiors Nominee

HGTV Faces of Design Awards

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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