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Custom Drapery Panels Made Easy

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

How many of you out there still have naked windows? Ready for a change?

Purchasing custom drapery panels doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, and will add the finishing touch to your decor. Drapery panels is one of the least expensive ways to dress your windows and add the finishing touch to your space. Sure you can run out to the big box stores and purchase a pair of the ready-made panels, but they usually aren’t long enough to fit most windows or they just look like they are missing something.

You may already have blinds, shutters or shades on your windows and wonder why you still need additional window treatments. A well-dressed window typically has a couple of layers of window treatments. The first layer, or functional layer is usually hard treatments such as shutters, blinds, natural woven shades, roller shades etc. This is necessary of course to maintain privacy and for light control. Adding a second layer will visually “soften” the windows. This could be a sheer treatment, light curtains or even beautiful silk panels. They can either be functional or fixed.

Of course there are other styles like swags and jabots, but those are usually reserved for more formal or traditional decor. Adding a layer of fixed or non-functional drapery panels is a great way to add a custom, elegant look to your windows. It is also great for grounding your color scheme or decorating style. Fixed panels simply means that the draperies do not completely cover the windows, but are decorative side panels mounted to the edges of your windows, that are not meant to open and close.

As an Interior Designer, I have consulted with many do-it-yourself clients, who just need a little professional direction from an expert like myself. In a lot of cases, they desire the look of custom drapery panels, but would rather not wait 8-10 weeks or more, or pay the high costs.

This is why I decided to launch an online store making it easier, quicker and inexpensive to order while maintaining the highest quality, fine tailoring and vast selection, and they start at just $269!

Custom Drapery Panels

Here's how to order:

Open the menu of fabric types you can choose from. Click the fabric type you desire – whether it is silk, linen, cotton, patterned chevron etc

Now you can choose your custom features such as color, type of lining, interlining option, header style option, finished length, color block option

Header style option refers to the very top of the panels where pleats or grommets are added. You have a choice of goblet pleat, french pleat, cartridge pleat, pinch pleat and grommets. The photo gallery shows examples of each

Finished length refers to actual length of your finished panels. the menu has 4 options 84″, 96″, 108″ and 120″ which is standard lengths, but we understand your finished length could be somewhere in between. With that in mind we have included a “special requests” text box where you can type your finished length (72″ to 120″) or any other special requests

Color Block Option refers to panels where you can choose to use up to three different color fabrics. This option definitely adds a more custom look!

So there you have it! It is that simple! Your drapery panels arrive with drapery pins and ready to hang in 4-6 weeks Swatches are available for purchase and of course we are available via phone or email to answer any questions you have. Now there’s no reason to have naked windows!

Wishing You beauty And Inspiration

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