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Want A Luxurious Yet Practical Home On A Budget?

It's Possible!

Stop wasting time and money on decorating that just does not look or feel right to you.

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CVI Design Concierge Service

Imagine moving into a space and all you really need to bring is your toothbrush!

You’ve heard the term “turn-key” many times I am sure, especially if you are real estate savvy. Our Design Concierge service goes beyond turn-key and provides our clients with an on-going concierge level service that they can use on an on-going basis or as needed.

We understand the daily demands on the schedules of the busy professionals that we work with, so we wanted to provide them with a level of service where they don’t have to worry about the move-in process, decorating projects, maintenance, home security, or even if the kitchen is stocked. CVI Concierge Service takes care of all that so our clients can get on with running their businesses. Our goal is for our clients to experience the true luxury that they are accustomed to.

Casa Vilora Interiors

We offer 6 packages with our concierge service. You can choose any service, schedule and pay for the consultation directly from our website.

  1. The New In Town Package is for clients who are moving into town and need help coordinating delivery of all their furnishings, placing, installing and styling. Additional shopping services for accents and accessories are included for a complete space

  2. Home Refresh Package is for clients who already have all their furnishings and need help adding some finishing touches through accessories and styling

  3. Technology Package is for clients needing smart home technology and security for their homes – especially to maintain their peace of mind that their home is secure when they are away on business. We have partnered with Houston’s finest smart home technology companies who will design the perfect turn-key technology solutions

  4. Event & Special Occasion Package. We know that when our clients are in town, they often entertain business colleagues and friends. We have an intimate knowledge of their homes in most cases as the designer of record, and will find it easy to plan a small or major event and take care of every single detail – from the decorating to hiring the staff.

  5. Maintenance Package is for clients who travel extensively (or travels at all) and have no time to hire personnel responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their properties. We will hire the cleaning service, lawn maintenance crew and contractors needed to keep their homes in tip-top condition , whether they are away or at home

  6. Personal Service Packages is for clients who are looking for a reputable company to provide shopping services to keep their kitchen stocked and ready for when they get home from their travels.

Casa Vilora Interiors

Our Design Concierge service is the perfect solution for busy executives, CEOs, young professionals, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, public figures, or any homeowner who needs to free up some major time on their schedules, to get back to the money-making activities.

We are happy to help you with your design and personal needs. Click to our website for more information and to see pricing for these services. If you are ready to move forward with one or more packages, click here to schedule and pay

Wishing You beauty and Inspiration!


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