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Decorating With Ceramic Garden Stools


Ceramic garden stools are all the rage these days. You see them used for their traditional purpose in outdoor spaces as garden stools. But they are also being taken indoors and are used in very creative ways. The choices of shapes, color and patterns are overwhelming, and my guess is that they are here to stay! Well at least for another 1000 years!!!

Yes, believe it or not, barrel- or drum-shaped garden stools have been used in China for at least 1,000 years, and most likely evolved from the Buddhist garden tradition of using natural elements like tree stumps as seats. traditionally Chinese homes were built around a courtyard with an emphasis on the landscape and gardens, so outdoor living and furnishings were essential. This casual seating was used both indoors and outdoors. Typically the indoor stools were portable and made out of wood, while the outdoor stools were made from stone, glazed stoneware, or porcelain to withstand the elements

Ceramic garden stools have been a hot trend within the last year or so. If you love the look but are unsure how to incorporate them into your decor, here are a few quick tips to help you.

  1. As a side table between two chairs

2. Tucked away beneath a console to be used for extra seating when needed

3. Bunching two or three as cocktail tables, or just a surface to place a drink, decorative items or just putting your feet up

4. For outdoor seating or side tables

5. To add a decorative touch or a pop of color in a bathroom

Ceramic garden stools make a great addition to almost any room of your home. They are light weight enough to be easily moved around, and uness they are antique, they are reasonably priced to where you can afford to go bold without a major financial investment.


Where would you use a ceramic garden stool or two in your home? Please comment below

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Veronica Solomon

Veronica Solomon

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