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Favorite Trends Spotted At High Point Market

Happy Monday everyone!

I am still trying to catch up on some rest from my trip last week to High Point Market, but I was so excited to write this post about all the design trends that I spotted! These may or may not be what the style experts are saying, but these were certainly my personal favorites.

This post will be picture overload, and very little words (that might be a relief for some of my readers 🙂 ). Most of the pictures were taken with my iPhone, so please bear with the not so great picture quality.

Ready for some design inspiration? Ok, let’s do this…….

Hair on hide

Hair on hide could be seen on anything from upholstery to case goods to accessories. These pieces are from Lee Industries. The small wedge shaped ottomans were the cutest I have ever seen. I discovered these at the High Point Junior League Show House. Aren’t they divine?

Nail Head Detailing On Case Goods

The nail head detailing trend is not very new, but it definitely isn’t going anywhere for a while. Nail heads could be seen on rustic pieces and refined pieces in all types of designs and finishes


Horn is also not very new. It was often used in home accessories. Horn could be spotted in large scale pieces at market like this cocktail table from Palecek.

Bone Inlay

Bone inlay has always been a favorite of mine. I was pleasantly surprised to see it everywhere at market.


Image Via Tobi Fairley

Geode and agate were a permanent fixture at most showrooms. The beautiful colors are definitely eye catching. Some framed as art, some as lamps, bookends and even encased in boxes. Either way, the organic look serves as a great addition to any room.


Image Via Tobi Fairley

We will be seeing a lot of encased items as a big trend. This encased light fixture is a great industrial look.


Brass or gold is bigger than ever and show no sign of slowing down. It was everywhere to be found at market, and I was loving it!


Lucite has always been a designer favorite. The combination of Lucite with very textural and tactile fabrics was a big hit at market

Bold Floral

Image Via Bliss Studio

Bold and stylized floral patterns were a big hit as well, especially in fabrics and wallpapers. No one did it quite as well as Bliss Studio. I think I stopped by this showroom about three different times to make sure I didn’t miss a thing 🙂


Image Via Annie Selke

Image Via Bella Notte

The color blush was one of my favorite finds at market. Here it can be seen in these beautiful soft linens


Via Tobi Fairley

Image Via Tobi Fairley

Image Via Tobi Fairley

The color mint was also a big hit, especially combined with navy or orange. Tobi Fairley’s collection for CR Laine was my favorite application of the color mint.


The classic navy blue was a big hit. The combinations ranged from navy and purple, navy and mint green, navy and chartreuse and the classic navy an white

Eye-Catching and Artful Lighting

Image Via Michael Aram

The geometric shapes on chandeliers were very big at market – some as candle holders and some electrified. A lot of organic shapes and materials were also used in chandeliers – shell, wood, feathers. Of course the simplified pagoda style shown above in red was a huge hit


Chinoiserie will forever be my favorite, and I was not disappointed at market. This last picture was Chinese calligraphy brush heaven! I had to pick up a few……well more like 12 of them 🙂

My Chinese Calligraphy Brush Haul From Market

So there you have it – My favorite trends spotted at High Point Market. There were such more things that I love, so I may do a second post at some point in the future.

What trend is your favorite?

Wishing You beauty and Inspiration!

#designtrends #HighPointMarket

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