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Friday Five Roundup: 5 Tips For Designing A Pre-Teen Boy's Bedroom

They grow up so fast, and their personalities, preferences and likes change like the tide, so it is often hard to design a space for a pre-teen boy without worrying that they will outgrow it in just a couple of years.

Bedroom Wall With Custom Drapery Panels, Woven Wood Shades And Marvel Super Heroes. iPhone Photo By Courtney Morris

Recently we completed the installation of a bedroom for a 9 year old young man.

He is smart, active and talented and he finally needed a space of his very own.

He is fortunate enough to have a pretty large bedroom, and this made it a bit easier to include all the functions he needs.

Here are 5 things we did in his room to make it perfect for his needs, and things you too can do in your pre-teen young-man's bedroom

TIP #1

Think longevity

Closeup of Bedding - Shams, Duvet Cover And Coverlet. iPhone Photo By Courtney Morris

We went with a queen size bed since the room is large enough to handle it, plus 2 nightstands with storage drawers. The pieces we chose are not childlike at all, and can grow with him well into his teenage years.

The bed itself has pull out drawers on the footboard for additional storage if that is ever needed

We invested in well made bedding, but made sure they are easy enough to maintain and not too precious and delicate. The color scheme of the room and the bedding is fairly neutral with pops of navy and orange, which are timeless, staple colors in boys' spaces

TIP #2

Encourage hobbies

iPhone Photo By Courtney Morris

The middle of the room was the perfect spot for TV watching, lego-assembling, video and board game playing and hanging out with his siblings. We brought in a low coffee table, two swivel game chairs and a couple of small ottomans. Plenty of room for all kinds of activities

A large TV is located on the wall facing the swivel chairs. It is perfect for video games and movie nights

TIP #3

Encourage Reading

View Of The Long Window Seat With Custom Cushions.iPhone Photo By Courtney Morris

A great window seat is a wonderful perch for reading a good book, plus having two full bookcases close by, will keep books right within reach and encourage more reading.

TIP #4

Bring On The Fun Factor

iPhone Photo By Courtney Morris

This swinging chair is a fun addition to the room. My installer made sure to secure it into a ceiling joist to keep it safe and secure. I love the backdrop of the woods wallpaper. Such a fun corner to hang out. Find a similar one HERE

TIP #5

Include a homework zone

Our pinboard didn't make it to the installation, but we wanted to create a fully functional homework area for him, to encourage schoolwork.

We chose the large clock, a few more of his Marvel heroes and some books to decorate his homework area. This is also a wonderful area for assembling his legos

We loved including lots of his favorite Marvel heroes into the space. He asked for those specifically.

iPhone Photo By Courtney Morris

We ordered all the Marvel heroes artwork on Etsy, had our local printer print them for us and framed at Hobby Lobby. I think they turned out great!

iPhone Photo By Courtney Morris

I think he loves his room. We had a great time bringing it together for him

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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yes swinging chair and studying near window is really good idea , good blog with lot of information thank you for sharing your thaughts with us

Veronica Solomon
Veronica Solomon
Mar 30, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much.

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