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Goodbye To The Mansion, Hello To Cozy New Digs

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

The decision to downsizing your home for most people usually comes into play at the empty-nest stage – When the kids have all gone off to start their own lives and you just don’t need the big house anymore.

I am not nearly an empty-nester (my oldest is 15), but I have been tossing around the idea of downsizing for a while now. Maybe as an Interior Designer, my heart longs for a brand new home to decorate with all the special pieces that I have collected over the years, or maybe the maintenance and upkeep involved in a 4300sf home gets to be too much when you are a single mom, a busy store owner, and sought-after Interior Designer. Or maybe the thought of using only about 50% of your home regularly seems like such a waste. 

Maybe it’s a combination of all those things plus the deep desire to simplify my life and shift focus to a bigger and better career in Interior Design. But I have been pursuing this idea and I have to say, I am pretty excited!! “The mansion” is ready for a new, much bigger family to love it as much as we have. It’s been a great place to raise my two children for the past seven years, but soon we will be saying goodbye and move on to the next chapter of our lives.

“The Mansion”

I have to admit though, that the kids weren’t quite as excited as I was in the beginning, but they are slowly getting there.

New Digs

Ok, I know, it doesn’t look like much now 🙂

In the weeks to come, I will be blogging about the progress of construction and eventually the process to decorating my new digs……all 2600sf of it! Yayy!!! I will be offering advice and tips to help you in your own decorating projects on a budget, I will be highlighting the use of inexpensive window treatments and custom drapery panels

I will also be talking about decorating in stages, how to choose paint colors and other wall finishes, furniture layouts, how to develop and execute a great design to be beautiful yet comfortable, and lots of other tips and ideas.

Please come along with me on this adventure! Looking forward to it.

Be Inspired!

Veronica Solomon

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