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How A Small Study Was Decked Out For Two Serious Young Entrepreneurs

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I have nothing but love and admiration for this young couple that I have had the pleasure of working with for the last year or so. They are a big family of 8, with the kiddos ranging from 4 months old to over 16 years old.

Even with their role as busy parents, they still manage to run a very profitable medical business, with most of the heavy lifting happening right here in the study you are about to tour!

So sit back and relax, you are in for a treat!

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

I worked with the couple (we will call them Mr “M” and Mrs “K”), to complete every single room in their home. They love color, and each room was done in bold and energetic colors. The only two rooms remaining were the study and back patio, that they initially told me they did not want to do

I got the call a few weeks later that they were putting in a pool, and needed the pool area and patio to be completed, as well as the study. needless to say, I was super excited to get the green light to finish off the two remaining areas that we hadn’t touched.

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

I am so mad at myself for not taking BEFORE pictures, but here are a few PROCESS shots

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

The study was actually not terrible before. It had a wall unit in the recessed wall area where the bookshelves now live, and a large desk floating in the center of the room, and just one desk chair. Those three pieces alone were so large, and dark that they closed in the room with hardly any space to navigate around the furniture.

Mrs K wanted the room to be able to accommodate them both and their two large computers. She wanted plenty of storage, including storage for her essential oils, and she wanted a seating area in the room. The wall color ( a deep taupe) had to stay, and the draperies that came with the home also had to stay with the new decor.

Keeping the paint color and draperies presented a slight challenge for me. My client loves color – we did it in every room, but the wall color and draperies in this room were as neutral as neutral can be. But I knew just how I was going to add a pop of one her favorite colors – yellow!

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

It all started with the fabulous fabric on the lounge chair. The fabric is actually a neutral with shades of onyx, mustard, tan and cream. It was the perfect bridge to link the neutral draperies with the yellow in the pillows I added on the other side of the room. The fresh yellow comes from the chair fabric (even though it is a slightly darker shade in the chair), and it made way for the addition of the blue and green accents in the bookcase. Notice that the green was pulled back to this side of the room in the floral arrangement – which happen to be faux by the way.

The art above the chair, has a slight hint of blue (not shown). It pulls all the neutral colors in the room

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

The black books in the bookcase were brought in to pull the color from the chair fabric, and the blue and green pottery to add some fresh color. I brought in a bit of texture with the nest and the framed piece. The combination and styling adds a bit of movement and interest to the room

I fell immediately in love with the desk lamp, and had to bring it in. The black and gold ties in nicely with the chair on the opposite side of the room, and the height gives it presence and an almost sculptural effect on the desk

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

I actually wanted to bring in a pair of tan leather chairs for the office chairs, but Mrs K decided that she would prefer to have fabric chairs. I love that these chairs look great and are just as comfortable. The height can be adjusted and each chair can be personalized to the user

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

Storage of her essentials oils was very important, and this small unit was built on her side of the space. Look how neatly she has them lined up. Plenty of storage for more oils

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

It was very important to me that the office functions as beautifully as it looks. I wanted to make sure that the cords were nicely tucked away, and would not be a trip hazard to the little ones. I designed the unit to have drawers below to tuck all the cords into. I also wanted to hide the CPU’s, but I was very careful to include mesh doors so that there would be proper air flow. Leg room was also an important part of the design. I wanted to squeeze as much storage as possible out of the design, but not at the expense of comfort. I kept the spaces below the monitors open for leg room to get work done comfortably.

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

I found these fabulous pulls and fell madly in love with them. They were clean and classic, and perfect for the built-in. I liked the gold accent and the darker finish complements the rich hardwood floor

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

I had to mention my cute little polka dot pillow. This family is a fun and energetic bunch, and I thought this pillow would add an element of whimsy and fun

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

Katy Interior Designer | Houston Interior Designer

So there you have it. This small office space with big style. A lot of important work happens in this room, and I wanted to make sure that my clients were as productive as possible in the space

I am pleased to announce that my clients just hired me again for a commercial space that they are opening very soon! They will still work a lot from this space of course, but the commercial space will be a great project to work on.

What are your thoughts on the use of space in this office makeover? We would love to help you get started with your very own custom office space.

Ps. I posted pictures of the fabulous lounge chair on Instagram and Facebook, and many have asked how they can get a hold of one of the lounge chairs in this makeover. In case you are getting ready to ask too, the chair is custom and has to be ordered through me. We would be happy to do that for you. Click here to inquire. However, here is a similar style chair from Kathy Kuo Home that could work just as well with a great looking patterned pillow

Katy Interior Designer

Here is the link to the chair 

And a great looking pillow for a similar look from Loom Decor

Casa Vilora Interiors

Casa Vilora Interiors

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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