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How To Make Your Master Bedroom A Restful Escape

After a long day, it is always a nice treat to have a well appointed bedroom to escape to. Many times homeowners are more concerned with the main living areas in their homes, and the bedrooms are usually left for last, and sometimes never get done.

As an interior designer, I often encourage clients to create a space that will rejuvenate and refresh them everyday. A serene and restful bedroom is always a great way to start and end the day. It promotes your well being. You sleep better and wake up refreshed. Master bedrooms are my favorite spaces to design for these reasons

Bedroom vignette with wallpaper accent wall
Bedroom Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon

There are some key things that every serene and restful master bedroom should have. Here are some tips to get you started

Form and Function

Before addressing the aesthetic needs of your private retreat, think about the functional needs. Every great bedroom needs a relaxing seating area and linens that will hold up to daily use. Also consider the silhouette of the furnishings - choose furnishings that will add softness to the space. I personally love an upholstered headboard

Neutral Master bedroom designed by Veronica Solomon
Designed By Veronica Solomon

Traditional Bedroom seating area in monochromatic neutral tones
Bedroom Seating Area Designed By Veronica Solomon

Custom Bedding

Every great master bedroom needs well thought out bedding. Not only should your bedding be easy to maintain, but consider the look and comfort as well.

I love layering bedding. I start with as neutral a base as possible, and layer in texture and various shades of the same color or an accent color or two. I love fully custom that has the look and feel of boutique hotel style. Look for quality construction in the linen and high thread counts.

Neutral Master Bedroom
Neutral Bedroom Designed By Veronica Solomon

Personal Touches

Add things that are near and dear to your heart in your master retreat. Artwork, a photo of you and your spouse, and even a monogrammed pillow. Your master bedroom retreat should feel special and just your style.

The Color Palette

I enjoy master bedrooms with a soothing and serene color palette. Cool blues, greens and grays are always a great addition. A monochromatic or a neutral color scheme is ideal to create a restful feeling. Always layer in different textures and shades to create interest.

Here is a little diagram I created of my favorite Benjamin Moore grays - many of which are perfect for a restful master bedroom. Check out more color resources like this in the resource section of our website

favorite benjamin moore grays curated by Veronica Solomon
Favorite Benjamin Moore Grays Curated By Veronica Solomon

Great Lighting

No room is complete without proper lighting. Lighting should also be layered - from general, to task, to ambient lighting. Mirrors are a great addition to bounce light around the room, or a cool color palette can lighten the space and create a serene and restful feel

If you need to upgrade your bedding, we are currently running our bedding sale until Spring. Lots of gorgeous semi-custom bedding for any design style. Visit the studio to see some bedding designs and explore fabric options

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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