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How To Rock Bold Color In Your Home

Using color in your home can seem like a daunting task. Many homeowners love color, but are afraid to use it, and therefore end up playing it safe with neutrals. There's nothing wrong with neutrals of course. I love a room that has layers of texture, patterns and warmth with neutrals. Here's a post I wrote about adding a pop of neutral to your home.

But if you genuinely want to have bold color in your home, but are afraid to experiment, here are a few tips to get you started.

Use A Muted, Earthy or Neutral Version of your Favorite Color

Muted wallpaper in a bedroom designed by Veronica Solomon
Bedroom Designed By Veronica Solomon

Every color has a muted, earthy or almost neutral version. In this bedroom vignette, the pinks, lilacs and greens are bold pops of color, but they are a bit more timeless because I used a more muted version of the colors. While the colors make a statement, they are easier on the eyes, and almost feel like neutrals

Us The Color In Temporary, Seasonal or Lower Cost Things

foyer with black and white faux bone chest
Designed By Veronica Solomon

Vignette with bird designed by Veronica Solomon
Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon

Not to imply that pillows and accent chairs are lower cost items in a room, but adding color through accents and accessories can be less of a commitment than say, adding color to walls and major upholstery pieces.

I often bring color in through fresh and faux flowers, pillows, small accessories and books; especially as the seasons change. Spring is a great time to refresh your home and add bold color to highlight the season.

Bring Color In Through The Art That Speaks To You

I often tell clients that their artwork does not have to match the room exactly. Art is very personal, and you should only buy art that really speaks to you. If you love colorful art, it may not necessarily be what you want to see in the rest of your home. Your personal preference in art can be a great way to add color to your home.

Add Black

Colorful dining room with teal, black citron
Dining Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

Powder room with black walls and gold accents
Black Powder Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

Black and white horizontal stripe accent walls
Black and White Accent Wall Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon

Colorful living room designed by Veronica Solomon
Living Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

Black or white, or the combination of black and white are great ways to ground a room with lots of color. It does require a good eye for color, and how to balance it in a room. Adding black or white can be the difference between a colorful room that is sophisticated, and one that is gaudy

Look To Nature

Colorful office space designed by Veronica Solomon
Designed By Veronica Solomon

Colorful nursery designed by Veronica Solomon
Nursery Designed By Veronica Solomon

When in doubt about how to use color in your home, look to nature. Sure, you still need to curate the colors from the infinite options available in nature, but it can be a great starting point.

Make It A Focal Point

Every great room needs a focal point to pull the eye in. Custom draperies can make a great focal point; allowing the eye to enjoy the room even if there is a captivating view outside. Adding color and pattern in custom draperies is a great way to frame a well designed room, create coziness and a dramatic focal point

Start With An Inspiration Piece

master Bedroom With Bold Floral Wallpaper
Master Bedroom Designed By Veronica Solomon

Blush Powder Room Designed By veronica Solomon
Powder Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

It helps to start with an inspiration piece when working with color in your home. Maybe it is a favorite piece of art, rug, wallpaper, or fabric. Pulling the rest of the color used in the room and striking the perfect balance will create a cohesive look and feel

Just Go For It

Kitchen Designed By Veronica Solomon

Bathroom Designed By Veronica Solomon

TV lounge designed By Veronica Solomon
Designed By Veronica Solomon

If you love color and want to live with it in your home, why not throw caution to the wind and go for it! Forget the trends and the rules, create a space that speaks to who you are and your personal aesthetic. Add color to more permanent surfaces if you know you can live with it. Introduce your favorite color. Resale value is a thing, but your own personal retreat is a bigger thing.

Bubble Gum Gallery Wall Designed By Veronica Solomon
Designed By Veronica Solomon

Using color in your home will take some skills to pull it all together so the overall look is cohesive and sophisticated. Too much color can be too much color. If you need help telling your color story in your home, we would love to help. Book a color consultation and we can help you do color right.

All images not labeled "Designed by Veronica Solomon" provided by Hello PR Group

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration.


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