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I Built A Website! Yay!

Hello all! It has been quite a busy last few days, mainly because I finally decided to redo my website…….myself.

It was no easy feat, since I had hardly any knowledge or experience, but I think I got it to where I want it for now. Some minor tweaking is still coming but it beats the previous site that was quite outdated at over 6 years old.

I bought a WordPress theme fully intending to build my website in WordPress, but I decided to hold off for a while and develop a site instead. I plan to develop the WordPress site in another year or so, when I have the time to really focus and get it perfectly.

It was simple enough following their template which didn’t require a lot of html and coding knowledge. of course there were some limitations like adding my online shop and my Blog – they are not quite the way I want them just yet, but I am looking for solutions.

All in all, I now have full control of my site and can add and delete as I please without having to pay someone each time.

Here’s a screen shot of a part of the Home Page

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

I hope you like it.

I have a lot of catching up to do, so I will keep this brief. In the meantime I invite you to take a look around the new site and tell me what you think.

Wishing you a fabulous Friday!

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Casa Vilora Interiors Favicon

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Veronica Solomon Owner/Lead Designer Casa Vilora Interiors www.VeronicaSolomon

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