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Inspiration For Dining Room Season

I like to call this time of the year; just after the end of summer, "dining room season".

Historically, this is when we get the most calls for dining rooms that need to be pulled together before the holiday.

Katy TX modern dining room with navy, wood veneer wallpaper

If your dining room isn't entertaining-ready, now is the time to call for your in-home consultation.

You can book one below at a reduced rate for a very limited time.

If you plan to go the DIY route, here are 3 quick tips for pulling it together in record time.

1. Comfortable Seating

Entertaining family and friends - especially the ones you have not seen for a while, means that you want all the time in the world to get caught up during and after dinner. Comfortable dining chairs are a must for an evening of great conversation. I like to use chairs that are also good as lounge chairs in a living room.

Another view of Katy TX modern dining room

Some other Unique and Stylish Options.

Here is this dining room, we used the Faux Blue Mohair Dining Chairs. Some comfortable and definitely entertaining ready.

In this dining room, we used the Rider Dining Chairs. We get this question a lot on Instagram - "are the chairs comfortable?". I think it is due to their smaller frame. Yes, they are very comfortable.

2. A Sideboard

A sideboard provides another surface other than the table itself, for laying out all the delicious food. This makes entertaining a lot easier where you don't have to run from the kitchen to the dining room all the time.

3. Good Lighting

Good lighting is essential in every room. In a dining room it helps to have a couple of sources - lamps, chandelier and recessed lights on dimmers. Lighting is one of the elements that will encourage your guests to stay a bit longer even past the meal because tehy help to set a great mood.

Other inspiring dining rooms just in time for dining room season.

Richmond TX Dining Room

Traditional dining room in Katy TX. Most of the furniture was already owned by client - rug, table and chairs. We took our cue from the existing pieces to create a new traditional space. Perfect for entertaining.

The colorful dining area in a full home project we installed earlier this year. Unfortunately we didn't do professional photography on this one. This is an iPhone shot.

Mi-century modern dining room in Houston TX

Reach out now to get your project started.

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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