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It’s The Little Things…..

Updated: Sep 11, 2020


After a rough week of more than the usual challenges, I am really happy that it’s Friday, and I am definitely ready for the weekend! Being self-employed, the weekend doesn’t necessarily mean a day off work…. but it does feel that the world slows down just a bit.

This week, I had to choose between being joyful regardless of my circumstances or allowing them to make me miserable and angry. I chose the former, although misery and anger seemed like such easier responses. I have somehow developed a renewed appreciation for the little things in life. You know, the little things that are seemingly unimportant, but somehow you couldn’t live without….or life would be much harder without.


Just imagine for a second what your day would be like without a staple remover


Or even a stapler…..wouldn’t it be chaos with papers flying everywhere?

These are silly examples I know, but I’m sure it got you to think about the little things. For me, it is walking into my 11 year old son’s bedroom and seeing the drawings of dragons that he leaves on his nighstands (He loves the movie “How to train your dragon”). Or the short stories he likes to write in the notepad of the old, non-working iPhone that he lovingly claimed for himself. They sure put a smile on my face….especially when the superheroes of the stories bear a striking resemblance to me.

photo (2)

Or my 15 year old daughter’s artwork that she is so very good at. She reminds me so much of myself, although she is a much better artist than I am. She turns 16 this Sunday and I cannot believe how much she’s grown

photo (5)

photo (3)

There is so much in nature that also reminds me to appreciate the beauty and the little things that help to shift focus from the challenges that life throws at us. There will always be challenges in life, and I certainly don’t want to live my life being angry and miserable all the time.


This is why I always encourage my clients to decorate their homes the way they actually live, and not like the set of a TV show or magazine spread; especially clients with children. Most think that they cannot have a beautiful home with small children running around, but that is completely false. A little bit more thought needs to happen upfront, but a beautiful and comfortable home is for everyone. It’s one of the little things that makes your life so much easier. There’s nothing better than walking into a beautiful, organized and functional space that suits you perfectly.


Decorating with your children’s artwork is a great way to keep the smiles coming everyday! It costs nothing, and a wonderful positive reinforcement for your children. They will grow up to remember and will influence creativity in them.

Please leave a comment below about one little thing or a seemingly unimportant thing that makes your life so much easier.

Hope you all have a blessed Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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Be Inspired!

Veronica Solomon

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