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Join The Challenge #OrganizeARoomChallenge

Hello my lovelies!

I know we all love a good challenge, and I know for sure that we all have a space in our homes in need of organizing. Right? I know I do!

Because I have seen first hand how staying organized is a challenge for most households, I decided to make a big fun event out of doing one room in your home. Hopefully after completing this challenge successfully, you will move on to even more rooms in your home.

Introducing the very first of many 4 Week Organize A Room Challenge

4 Week Organize A Room Challenge

From Tuesday September 6th to Tuesday October 4th we will be hosting the 4 Week Organize A Room Challenge.

About the Challenge

We will be working on a room in our design studio, and we invite anyone who would like to participate to join right in. Each Tuesday from Sept 6th to Oct 4th you will post in our Face Book Group Casa Vilora Interiors Classroom your progress as you do a little bit each week to get to your goal. Week one is where you introduce yourself and the room that you have chosen to organize, and each week you will post your progress. On week 4, we show off our finished spaces and celebrate with each other. There will be some prize drawings from some great sponsors, and one person will be selected to be featured on our blog

How To Participate

  1. You must join our Facebook Group Casa Vilora Interiors Classroom. That is where I will be posting videos, tips and ideas. That is also where you will be posting pictures and videos about your progress each Tuesday

  2. You must download our free Tip Sheet

  3. You must actively participate – engage with other members, ask questions, share ideas.

  4. We encourage you to share the challenge with friends and use hashtag #OrganizeARoomChallenge

Check out our video that explains a bit more about the challenge

So far we have one major sponsor and many more in the works. The prizes will be amazing.

Sherwin Williams Is One Of Our Sponsors! YAY!

Sherwin Williams Is One Of Our Sponsors! YAY!

Yes! This is a big deal! And the others are just as exciting!

I will be releasing more information about sponsors and prizes leading up to the start of the challenge

Even if you will not be doing  a room, we invite you to follow along, chime in and share, share, share. Don’t forget the hashtag #OrganizeARoomChallenge. We want to make this a fun event!

Looking forward to seeing each of you!

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