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Kids' Rooms With Style And Practicality

When designing kids' rooms, it is always a good idea to stay away from being too themey, and create a space that will last, while still showcasing their personalities.

It is still important to infuse a bit of fun and even whimsy, while creating a sense of timelessness. They may grow fast, but they don't have to outgrow their personal spaces too quickly.

Teen bedroom hangout with navy ceiling and sisal cloud wallpaper
Teen Bedroom Hangout

Here are a few tips for creating a kid's room that will outlast their different stages of growth

1- Combine a great mix of high and low

Boy bedroom combining a mix of high and low end items
Boy's Bedroom Designed By Veronica Solomon

Everything in a kid's room doesn't need to come from Ikea. You do want the key pieces to last. By incorporating quality pieces that will grow with your child, like the dresser, desk, bed, and combine them with lower-end items like the bedding and accessories, you will have a good mix that will be a wise investment

2- Incorporate their hobbies

Boys' bedroom with Cole and Sone woodlands wallpaper
Woodlands Bedroom For 3 Boys - Designed By Veronica Solomon

Or at least include a place where they can play and just be kids. Arranging furnishings so that some floor space remains is always a good idea

3- Think functionality

Custom daybed in Revolution performance fabric with trundle
Boys' Bedroom With Daybed With Trundle - Designed By Veronica Solomon

Incorporate lots of space for sleeping and hanging out. Storage is a must in a kid's space. Use performance fabrics and wipeable pieces as much as possible

4- Incorporate a study area

Boy's bedroom in hale navy wall color with custom draperies
Boy's Bedroom With Desk Area And Custom Drapery - Designed By Veronica Solomon

Well, it is a great idea to make it easy for them to get their studying on. Even in a tiny room, a desk area can be incorporated. Here we included this desk instead of a second nightstand

5- Think timeless

Teen bedroom with campaign dressers and white acrylic chair
Teen Bedroom With Campaign Dressers - Veronica Solomon

Add some vintage or classic pieces to add a sense of timelessness

6- Go Bold

Toddler Bedroom with bold floral wallpaper and black crib
Bold Wallpaper In Toddler Bedroom - Designed By Veronica Solomon

In kids' spaces, it is ok to go super bold and incorporate color and pattern in ways that excite.

7- Think whimsical

teen Bedroom with bird duvet cover and silk draperies
Teen Bedroom With Custom Silk Draperies - Designed By Veronica Solomon

Even in a more mature space for a late teen, add a bit of whimsy to keep the space from getting too serious

8- Individualize shared spaces

Shared bedroom for toddlers with built-in beds, bookcase and window seat
Shared Bedroom For Two Toddlers - Designed By Veronica Solomon

It is so important to give them a sense of individuality in shared spaces

There you have it, great tips and ideas for stylish and practical kids' spaces

Thanks for stopping by!


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