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Las Vegas Market VIP Tour

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I am about to spill some valuable info about what’s hot and trending in home fashion, so stick with me for your very own VIP Tour.

I was one of the very fortunate group of 23 designers who were chosen for the Las Vegas Market VIP Tour sponsored by Jackie Von Tobel and Deb Barrett who run Soft Design Lab. The tour is an amazing three days of guided showroom walk throughs by some of the hottest vendors at Market, meet and greets with celebrity designers, and educational activities with the industry’s most amazing talents. And true to the high quality that Jackie and Deb are known for, they arranged for our fabulous accommodations at the SLS Hotel and Casino

And as if we weren’t lucky enough, we got to enjoy some amazing cuisine at Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres, Katsuya and La Comida, complete with a party bus! No wonder the three days flew by so quickly!

So now that you have gotten a taste of my high roller lifestyle over the weekend, let’s talk about the fun stuff………interior design!

Although I have gone to several markets over the years, it was my very first time attending the Las Vegas Market, and I must say that it definitely will be a yearly event for me. I am so inspired by all the beautiful furnishings, lighting and accessories, and I am so excited to share these resources and incorporate them into upcoming projects

Be forewarned that my post is very picture heavy today. But who needs words when you have these stunners to look at?

Color Trends

Yes, blush has been around for a couple of years now, but it was still very hot at Market. It was re-imagined and used in even fresher ways…..more on the sexy side, and I was loving it. I loved the mix of blush with gold, which was also everywhere at market. These vignettes by Codarus are stunning examples of the blush trend

This is Nikki Chu’s collection for Jaipur Rugs

Greenery is Pantone’s color of the year for 2017, but not very much of it was seen at Market. Maybe next time?

Lighting Trends

Large scale, bold, whimsical, artsy are words that could be used to describe the beautiful lighting that was seen everywhere. Here are a few of my favorites

These beads are stained using tea leaves

Strips of leather. Uh-mazing! Fits very much with my quirky nature

Do you see air balloons? No? Just me? 🙂

Coconut shells make this lamp a stunner

Charlie Chaplin would be proud. I think the are so cool

Classic With a Twist

I loved seeing the classic lines on furnishings, but a bit of sassy was added to give them a fresher look and feel

Bold Art

Art has become one of my favorite elements in design, and I was pleased as punch when I saw all that was in store for me. For me, it was the bolder the better. So much art to buy; so little time

Family Friendly

Functionality is never an after thought for us here at Casa Vilora, so naturally we always seek out family-friendly options and vendors each time we go to market. I loved seeing furnishings that can multi-task, and even provide fun times for the family

How cool is this trundle bed with one extra trundle? Perfect for those sleepovers.

This bed is a great space saver in a small bedroom that is shared with a couple of siblings. It basically wraps a corner and leaves enough space in the middle of the room for playtime. Plus there is built-in storage!

Small apartment dwellers would love this extra storage space!

Tribal/Global Influences

Tribal and global influences were still very much on trend at market. Especially in textiles


The beautiful textures of coconut husks, Mongolian wool, shagreen, faux skins and petrified wood added so much richness to the vignettes seen all over market

These beautiful “broken eggs” sculpture by Dann Foley for Phillips Collection have a subtle visual texture that just commands your attention as you walk into this showroom – especially when contrasted with the dark walls

Funner Outdoor Living

Yes, I said funner! Outdoor furnishings can be boring at times. These fabulous pieces are anything but…

These beautiful throws are for indoor and outdoor! Aren’t they a thing of beauty?

Funky, Fabulous and The “F” Word?

These are some of my favorite things, and some of the more memorable pieces that I came across

Dann Foley talks about his Feathers creation for Phillips Collection. I just love the grouping of these feathers. They are also available in silver

I am not a big clock person, but golly gee I love this deconstructed, clean and sexy clock, plus the richness of the brushed brass finish. It’s time I owned one. Haha! See what I did there?

So I am not sure where I’d put these chairs, but I want a dozen of them like right now!

‘Cause round, square and rectangular mirrors are way over-rated! 🙂

Yep, these tables literally make a statement! 🙂

X marks the spot with this sconce. I have to say that it’s the composition with the sconce and the cabinet that gets me excited….yeah, it doesn’t take much

Funny but true….hands down, these chairs are my favorite finds at market. I. MUST. OWN.

I love the moody and sexy vibe in Nick Allain’s showroom. I take back every bad thing I ever said about suede sectionals

Blue and white will always be my fave

LOVE the lines of this chair, but true to Veronica form, I would upholster them in a bold and funky fabric

This is the concierge desk at the SLS Hotel. The “drapery” in the window is actually etched onto the glass. I love this effect

Work Hard, Learn Hard, Play Hard

Although it was more like sleep hard for me and my roomie, Erika. Haha. We were sure to get some education in there during our time in Las Vegas

It’s The People

After it is all said and done, it’s the people that make it all so great. I have met and have admired some amazing designers on social media, and just having the opportunity to meet them in person, (and really pinch them to make sure they are real) is really what made market so special for me.

Veronica, Rhonda Peterson, Erika Ward, Farrha Hyman

Dann Foley, Veronica, Beau Stinnette (Dann’s Business Partner)

Erika Ward and I (My amazing Roomie). If you are looking for a designer in the Atlanta area, look this girl up! Here, I’ll make it easier for you.

Nikki Chu, Veronica

Farrha Hyman, Veronica

Rachel Moriarty

Barclay Butera, Veronica

Jackie Von Tobel and her daughter Angelica

The VIP Tourists

Bobby Berk

And when you have to pinch yourself to realize that these blessings are really real……………

Barclay Butera himself gifted us with a signed copy of one of his books “Past. Present. Inspired”

Now that I am back, I cannot wait to install some of these amazing pieces in my upcoming projects. Reach out to me if you want to be my guinea pig 🙂

Wishing You beauty & Inspiration!



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