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Want A Luxurious Yet Practical Home On A Budget?

It's Possible!

Stop wasting time and money on decorating that just does not look or feel right to you.

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Mail Order Decorator By Casa Vilora Interiors

Are you a busy professional – maybe a business owner, with a family and hardly any free time? Are you in desperate need of a makeover in a few rooms in your home, but you have neither the time nor resources to focus on decorating? What if there was help out there? What if all the pieces of decorating these rooms were put together for you by a professional Interior Decorator, and all you need to do is follow the step-by-step process at your own pace and on budget?

Look no further!

Mail Order Decorator (MOD)

Mail Order Decorator (MOD)

Our Mail Order Decorator (MOD) design service is the perfect option if you would like to work with an Interior Decorator, but may be you are on a budget, and still want great style. What’s great is that it allows you to decorate in stages – one room at a time at your own pace. If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and managing your own project then MOD is for you! You still get to take advantage of the wide range of design services offered by Casa Vilora Interiors for a lot less!

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What is Mail Order Decorator?

Mail Order Decorator is a great way to hire an Interior Decorator if you are on a budget but still want great style, or if you want to decorate in stages – one room at a time at your own pace. It is a do-it-yourselfer’s option for great design.

We will give you everything you need to know to create a stunning result, including a furniture plan, fabric and paint samples, a shopping list, and thorough instructions for turning your dream interior into a reality.

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How Does Mail Order Decorator Work?

Mail Order Decorator works very much like regular design projects done by Casa Vilora Interiors except for a few key things – Everything happens via mail and email instead of face-to-face. All selections for Mail Order Decorator projects are available online or locally, as opposed to the custom and trade-only options used for our full-service design clients. We rely on digital photographs and precise measurements of the space that you will provide. We never actually visit your home, so fret not if you live outside of the Houston area.

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What is the Mail Order Decorator design process?

  1. Once you sign on as a MOD client, we will provide you with everything you need in order to send us precise measurements and digital photographs of the space. This will ensure that our finished design is completely personalized for your space

  2. We will also have you fill out our MOD client profile so we know all about you. The more we know about your likes and dislikes, the better we are able to create a design that represents your unique personality and style.

  3. Once we have all of this information we set to work on your project. Then in 4 to 6 weeks, you will receive a personalized plan for creating a Casa Vilora Interiors inspired interior.

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What You Can Expect To Receive

  1. A reference binder that includes a floor-plan of your room, concept board, furniture placement drawn to scale, window treatment design, selections for furniture and accessories, sketches and elevations (per project) of important details for your space, an organized shopping guide complete with pricing, and thorough instructions on how to implement your design.

  2. A samples packet with the paint, fabrics, and wallcoverings that we have selected for your project.

  3. A beautiful box to keep your design organized.

Floorplan/Furniture Layout

Floorplan/Furniture Layout

Paint Color Selection

Paint Color Selection

Window Treatment Design

Window Treatment Design

Concept Photo/Furniture Selection

Concept Photo/Furniture Selection

Fabric Samples on 6x6 cards

Fabric Samples on 6×6 cards

casa vilora interiors design mood board

Are You Ready To Get Started?

  1. Once we receive confirmation of your payment, we will get the process started to your  customized Mail Order Decorator room

  2. We then ask you to forward digital photos of the space or spaces that we will be working on as well as some exterior photos of your home, so that we fully understand the architectural style with which we are working.

  3. Next, we will need accurate measurements of the space we are designing. Fortunately, we have a step-by-step guide for both measuring and photographing your space to ensure we have just what we need to get started.

  4. We will need to know what budget you have in mind for the furnishings for your project.

  5. We will also need an idea of what you love and the feel you want to achieve in your space. We gain insight for this through a design questionnaire and inspiration photos that you collect from magazines, blogs and other sources. These images also need to be sent via email. We are happy to help you with all aspects of this step, too. So don’t worry if you aren’t tech savvy. We will make this process simple and fun for you! 🙂

Prices are based on the average level of difficulty per project as well as the square footage of the room.

Please head on over to our website and read more about our Mail Order Decorator design service. From there you will be able to view prices and of course get the process started. CLICK HERE to be directed to our website. If you have any questions about MOD or any other service offered by Casa Vilora Interiors, please CLICK HERE to contact us and to connect with us.

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Stay tuned for our Halloween Sale coming soon to our online store

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Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!

Katy Interior designer/ Katy Interior Decorator

Veronica Solomon Owner/Lead Designer Casa Vilora Interiors

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