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Meet The Sponsors Of The High Point Design Influencers Tour 2021

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

It was such a pleasure getting to spend two full days of brand immersion with 13 amazing brands for the Design Influencers Tour at High Point Market Fall 2021 presented by High Point Market Association and Esteem Media.

I was happy to be selected, along with 9 other design influencers, to tour 13 sponsor showrooms to learn more about their brands, offerings and full product capabilities.

Market is usually such a busy time with non-stop showroom-hopping, that it was a welcomed change to stop and simply take in and learn as much as possible about these amazing brands.

I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce our sponsor brands and tell you just a bit more about them. Be on the look out for follow up blog posts about trends spotted at High Point Fall Market 2021

Here is a graphic with all the fabulous brands who were sponsors of the Fall 2021 Design Influencers Tour. Please be sure to follow them on Instagram and check out the hashtags, where you can see lots more images and happenings from Fall Market.

AREA by Edwards Fields,

Cisco Home,

Crypton Home Fabric,

Hooker Furniture,

Hubbardton Forge,

Innovation Living,

Jaipur Living,

Lloyd Flanders,

Rowe Furniture,

Sherrill Furniture,

Shifman Mattress,

Universal Furniture,

Our official hashtags:#DesignInfluencersTour #HPMkt #EsteemMedia

Let's get started, shall we...........

Area by Edward Fields


A company with a rich history and heritage. Founded by Edward Fields in 1935 and acquired by Tai Ping in 2005, Edward Fields revolutionized and elevated the carpet industry to an art form.

Each of their creation can be viewed as "art for the floors". Their iconic designs have graced the floors of The White House and other notable architectural gems in the United States.

Photo Display In Area By Edward Fields Showroom

The term "area rug" was first coined by Edward Fields in the 1950's as part of his first carpet collection exhibited at Lord and Taylor.

Their legacy and dedication to fine craftsmanship and sustainability continues today through the Area by Edward Fields line, through the use of contemporary and versatile designs hand-crafted in luxurious New Zealand wood.

Area By Edward Fields

Area by Edward Fields features eight designs in multiple colorways and sizes.

Image Via Area By Edward Fields

With such attention to detail and quality craftsmanship using the best materials, you can be sure that your area rug will be well made and will last for many years to come.

Cisco Home



One of the most inspiring showrooms at High Point by people with an equally inspiring story.

Image Via Cisco Home

Cisco has been showing at High Point Market now for 30 years. Their showroom, located in an old abandoned cotton mill was acquired by Cisco back in 2003 and was repurposed as a real experiential home, where their beautiful upholstery and furnishings can truly be experienced and enjoyed.

Cisco Home is known for their commitment to sustainability and quality craftsmanship. They have partnered with makers all over the world who handcraft their products to exacting standards - Lighting, upholstery, rugs and textiles.

Cisco Showroom, High Point Market

As you wander through their amazing showroom, you can't help but feel the organic, lived-in and homey vibe. The comfortable sofas and chairs beckon you to take a seat, yet you want to continue the exploration of every nook and cranny of the gorgeous space.

Cisco Home handcrafts more than just furniture. They believe in community and are pioneers of sustainable ecosystems. Whether it’s repurposing discarded materials to make durable pieces, donating their space to local charities, or teaching employable skills to those in underserved neighborhoods, Cisco Home is at the forefront and redefining what sustainability is all about.

Cisco Home only uses FSC certified wood and they make sure that all of their organic materials have proper documentation and were fairly traded or repurposed. That means a lot in today's market, and shows that a company is committed to operating with integrity.

Cisco Home only works with skilled Makers who also share their commitment to sustainability and quality craftsmanship. They use the highest grade and reclaimed material. They sand, screw, and stain each piece from start to finish by hand resulting in incomparable comfort and fine detailing with handcrafted quality.

Crypton Home Fabric


I am sure you are familiar with this brand, as they have become a household name in recent years; known for their great livable performance fabrics.

Image Via Crypton Home Fabric

Crypton guarantees beautiful, easy-to-clean, odor-free fabric for the way families actually live, work, heal and play. They make life easier, safer, and cleaner.

Stain & spill-resistant to both water and oil-based stains, Crypton also offers the assurance of antimicrobial (& stain-resistant) technology permanently bonded, for the life of the fabric and is the only fabric approved by the EPA to be disinfected.

With over 27 years of innovation and 15 patents, Crypton's offerings add up to thousands of soft, beautiful, durable, and sustainable fabric solutions for every environment. You have the opportunity to design your home almost anyway possible with their fabric choices ranging from patterns to textures to color. You can design a beautiful home with peace of mind.

Performance Cotton By Crypton Home Fabric

Cisco Home - Featuring Performance Cotton By Crypton

The use of natural fibers in upholstery fabrics that were also expected to repel stains, odors and clean easily was virtually impossible. The very nature of fibers like cotton of being soft and absorbent allow it to take on dyes and color and still feel and look beautiful. That is a great quality of natural cotton, but was also the very reason why cottons did not work as well for daily living.

Crypton Home Fabric has developed deeply textural, feather-soft and eco-smart indoor upholstery fabrics with 50% – 70% recycled cotton plus renowned stain-resisting performance.

Debuting this market and will be available to the design trade in Winter 2021, we had the opportunity to experience their performance cotton fabric on many pieces featured in other sponsors' showrooms: Cisco Home, Norwalk Furniture and Rowe Furniture. So soft and beautiful and hard to believe are performance fabrics.

How beautiful are these below? The gorgeous colors and textures are great to snuggle up in.

Performance Cotton By Crypton Home Fabric

Hooker Furniture


One of my favorite and staple brands for my design business with a very extensive offering, with something for everyone.

Hooker Furniture

Their vast showroom at High Point showcases the many brands under their umbrella

Bradington-Young: #BYdesign

Sam Moore: #MooreStyle

Hooker Furniture #HookerFurniture



Commerce and Market

Hooker Furniture Linville Falls Collection

Hooker Furniture began operations in 1925 with a dedication to the pursuit of making stylish, beautiful, well-made furniture. Today they remain one of the nation's premier importers and manufacturers of furniture.

Hooker is a third-generation company, led by Clyde Hooker Jr. for over forty years, who passed the torch to Paul B. Toms Jr, grandson of the founder in 2000, and today is one of the few furniture firms still led by a member of the founding family. You can learn more about Clyde Hooker Jr's legacy in this documentary HERE

Hooker Furniture Linville Falls Collection

When you enter their showroom in High Point you cannot help but be inspired. There is A LOT to see............

You could spend a full day in just their showroom taking in all the beautiful collections.

The over 90,000sf showroom is nicely arranged by brand and collection to make it easy to navigate. For the Design Influencers Tour, we were guided through the showroom and given a bit of background about each new collection - ranging from beaching, easy living vibe, to global influences and beyond.

One of my favorite new collection to Fall Market is the Serenity Collection.

I think it is a great introduction for the times that we are in - where our homes need to feel like a haven and nurturing.

Hooker Serenity Collection Dining Room

Inspired by casual, waterfront living, the Serenity collection was designed to bring the relaxed aura of the outside in. The soft blues and white of this collection gives it a beachy vibe that can be used in any location.

Hooker Furniture Serenity Collection Bedroom

The bedroom shown here is also a part of the Serenity collection in the darker weathered gray finish.

This 56 piece collection is designed to create a comfortable and inviting retreat within the home. The Serenity collection is defined by its casual finishes and variety of organic textures and materials that combine to deliver a relaxed aesthetic.

White oak veneer shown in two finishes - a whitewashed look and a weathered gray, accented with shades of soft coastal blue, sand blasted pine and soft white bronze metal details. Organic materials including abaca rope, natural stone, painted grass cloth, louvered details, and faux coral motifs add to its casual appeal.

The silhouettes were designed to reflect a traditional nature with serpentine shaped case pieces and a softer aesthetic, a modern persona with linear shapes and coral accents, as well as a more casual contemporary character with soft-edged case pieces and organic surfaces.

Hooker Furniture Serenity Collection

Other collections that I just love are Commerce and Market with its global influences and Marq, with smaller scaled modern pieces.

Image Via Hooker Furniture

Image Via Hooker Furniture - From Marq Collection

Hubbardton Forge


Another one of my favorite brands for their innovative and artistry in lighting for both indoors and outdoors.

Image Via Hubbardton Forge

For over 47 years, Hubbardton Forge has been recognized for its iconic designs and ability to combine artisanry and leading-edge technology, creating unique, handcrafted lighting.

Today, approximately 230 artisans, designers, engineers and staff develop lighting solutions for residential and commercial spaces, all under one roof in Castleton, Vermont.

You can learn a bit more about Hubbardton Forge through this video clip HERE

Image Via Hubbardton Forge

Hubbardton Forge's design team comes from very diverse backgrounds in architecture, sculpture and jewelry design among other art forms. This allows them complete control and custom capabilities.

They work individually and as a team, brainstorming, sketching, meeting and pushing themselves to create designs that celebrate form, materials and artistry that can only be achieved through hand-crafted design. Their designs are inspired by the organic nature of the materials they use.

This fixture was eye-catching in their showroom.

Image Via Hubbardton Forge

Hubbardton Forge partners with local artisans and suppliers for their glass, stone, leather, wood, metal and LED

Design Influencers at Hubbardton Forge

Innovation Living


Innovation is a Danish furniture company built on the proud Danish tradition of furniture design, where form and function must go hand in hand to create durable design for everyday use.

Their mission is to offer stylish, comfortable and multifunctional sofas that will add more space to your home.

Image Via Innovation Living

Image Via Innovation Living

Since 1989 Innovation Living has dedicated themselves to the design and development of multifunctional sofa beds, and today they are internationally renowned as the sofa bed specialist.

Every piece is multi-functional and small space friendly.

Jaipur Living


It was a pleasure getting the guided tour of Jaipur Living's showroom and learning a bit more about the company's beginnings and culture.

Image Via Jaipur Living

Jaipur Living is a global lifestyle brand with a passion for people, product, and design.

Known for its luxury rugs, poufs, pillows, and throws, Jaipur Living operates with a mission to create beautiful lives for its employees, customers, and artisans—all while preserving the age-old craftsmanship of handmade rugs.

Through social initiatives and the Jaipur Rugs Foundation, the company goes beyond the call of duty, and supports more than 40,000 artisans in 600 villages by providing them with a livable wage, access to health care, leadership education, and opportunities for personal growth and development.

Combining time-honored techniques and of-the-moment trends, every Jaipur Living product is as beautiful as it is meaningful.

I loved learning more about the Manchaha collection - the story behind this one of a kind collection of rugs is so inspiring.

Image Via Jaipur Living

Manchaha a Hindi word, meaning “expression of my heart,” is a program that is inspiring, empowering and evocative of unique works of art guided my the artisans who create them. It is the opportunity to tell their story from their own everyday lives and emotions.

The one-of-a-kind Manchaha rugs are freely designed by rural weavers without the use of weaving maps and are crafted of hand-spun yarn left over from completed rugs. What a stunning example of sustainability and a people-focused company.

This is one of my favorites

ARTISAN SUMAN AND MANJU Suman and Manju are 25 years and 23 year old weavers hailing from Jhadli village in Rajasthan. Both their husbands work as daily labor as they work in their homes to weave and support their households.

Image Via Jaipur Living

Lloyd Flanders


Lloyd Flanders is a luxury outdoor furniture line manufactured in the United States

Lloyd Flanders Visions Collection

Lloyd Flanders uses state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and equipment combined with over 100 years of tradition and furniture knowledge to produce heirloom-quality furniture to be enjoyed for generations to come.

In addition to their iconic Lloyd Loom collections, they offer woven vinyl and sustainably-sourced teak products.

With collections spanning from traditional to contemporary, over 500 outdoor safe fabrics, and the widest variety of natural wicker finishes available today, the perfect customized look can be achieved for any space.

Image Via Lloyd Flanders

I love the integrated padding on some of their pieces. This allows for a cleaner look. The padding can be removed and replaced if needed.

Norwalk Furniture


Norwalk Furniture was founded in 1902 and today remains a major upholstery manufacturer in their 440,000 sf facility in Norwalk Ohio. Norwalk employs over 225 craftspeople and manufactures more than 40,000 pieces each year one by one by hand - 500 stylish upholstery frames in over 800 fashion forward fabrics and 100 leathers.

Image Via Norwalk Furniture

Norwalk builds upholstery designs for every room of the house, both stationary and with motion. They have established themselves as one of the best in the industry.

Norwalk’s customization program allows designers and retailers to make beautiful and functional pieces, unique for each homeowner or project.

Learn more about the long and wonderful history of Norwalk HERE

Image Via Norwalk Furniture

Norwalk Furniture

Be sure to look out for my High Point trend roundup post coming soon, where I will highlight some of my favorite pieces from The Norwalk showroom



Since 1946 Rowe Furniture has offered a wide range of styling in sofas, sectionals, chairs and ottomans with hundreds of fabric selections for the utmost in customization.

The Rowe portfolio of brands includes Rowe, and Robin Bruce.

Rowe is a Founding Member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and maintains its commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

This market's showroom included several pieces in Crypton performance fabrics.

Rowe Furniture

Rowe Furniture

Rowe Furniture

Sherrill Furniture


Sherrill Furniture was founded in 1945 and is a leading supplier of fine home furnishings to designers and other trade professionals, and major furniture stores throughout the United States and Canada.

There are several divisions under the Sherrill Furniture Company brand:

Sherrill Furniture

Hickory White

Sherrill Occasional




Lillian August for Hickory White

Mr & Mrs Howard for Sherrill Furniture

Sherrill Furniture remains a privately held family-owned business in third-generation ownership.

Image Via Sherrill Furniture

Walking through the Sherrill showroom was a feast for the eyes with styles, colors and trends representing the aesthetics from all regions of the United States - Northeast, Coastal, Midwest, Southwest, and Pacific Northwest. You got a sense of the flavor of each region through the fabrics , textures and silhouettes of the frames on showcase.

A new and welcome update is the introduction of leather furniture, which is thoughtfully placed throughout the showroom and adds a dynamic feel.

We had the opportunity to learn about the details that went into the design and creation of the Saddle Chair. A piece that was just as comfortable as it is beautiful. More on that in our upcoming trend roundup.

Image Via Sherrill

I will be touching on the color trends in an upcoming blog post, but the gorgeous terracottas, earthy blues and greens were definitely on trend in the Sherrill showroom.

They also shared the great news with the Design Influencers, that they will be completely renovating their showroom, bringing all their brands under one roof for market in Fall 2022. this means that they will not be showing in Spring 2022 during renovations.

Shifman Mattresses


Shifman’s luxurious, hand-crafted mattresses are built with the same commitment to quality, integrity, and true craftsmanship that the company was founded on in 1893 in Newark NJ.

Image Via Shifman

Luxury goes beyond the surface, and Shifman is dedicated to sourcing the finest materials, employ the best techniques and design principles that have endured the test of time.

This attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship makes Shifman the most comfortable and long lasting mattresses available on the market today.

Image Via Shifman

More than 50 dedicated craftspeople precisely hand make each high-quality Shifman mattress. Each mattress is finished, inspected and packed by hand to ensure the utmost attention to detail.

Image Via Shifman

Image Via Shifman

Shifman’s exclusive Sanotuft technique produces an unparalleled buttonless tuft eliminating shifting and bunching by interlocking all layers of the mattress securely in place.

Shifman also remains one of the few mattress manufacturers that continues to produce two-sided mattresses, which makes them long lasting. Tow-sided mattresses can be flipped for extended comfort life, even wear and durability.



Enduring tradition, superior craftsmanship, an unshakeable philosophy of excellence—these are the bedrock of the Stickley ethic, and the reason that Stickley produces America’s premium hardwood furniture and fine upholstery since 1900.

Each piece is made with honor, integrity, and pride, which is why you can expect the finest quality from Stickley.

Image Via Stickley Furniture

For Fall 2021 market, Stickley Furniture is introduced 92 case pieces, an eight-piece sectional program, 52 new fabrics, four colors of a new leather, and three new finishes.

My favorite piece is the Amelia chair.

Stickley Amelia Chair -The Amelia Chair is dynamic in its style. A curved sculptural back is cut away to expose the voluminous seat nestled within, and narrow arms rise at a gentle angle that cradles the sitter in comfort. Available in your choice of fabric or leather. Also available as a Swivel Chair.

Marissa Brown, the designer for some of the wonderful pieces on the showroom floor, does an amazing job of incorporating the timeless and iconic design elements that Stickley is known for, with current trends.

Image Via Stickley

She is very meticulous in incorporating little surprises like hidden compartments or a unique feature or application of material. It really is inspiring when you look at the design details, materials and of course timeless quality.

Just look at the lines of this piece, and the sculptural handles on the front.

Image Via Stickley

Of course it is very functional with a full bar inside. Also available as a bedroom armoire

Image Via Stickley

The base of this dining table is just amazing. The design looks so simple and elegant, but you can tell that it took some fine engineering to achieve this unique design.

Image Via Stickley

The details of this curvy headboard is so rich and luxurious. Also available as an upholstered headboard with wood trim.

Image Via Stickley

These are pieces that will last for generations.

Universal Furniture


Universal Furniture creates quality furnishings for the whole home with a focus on function and lifestyle.

Universal Furniture

Image Via Universal Furniture Featuring Miranda Kerr - Love, Bliss, Joy Collection

Image Via Universal Furniture - Nina Magon Collection

Image Via Universal Furniture - Coastal Living Collection

This market Universal Furniture launched their second collection with Miranda Kerr called Tranquility - which is inspired by modern Parisian style.

The nearly 40-piece collection features chic and elevated, yet simple, furnishing for the living room, dining room, bedroom and office.

That's it for a little bit about our sponsoring brands for the Design Influencers Tour Fall 2021. I hope you take a moment to check out their websites and follow them on Instagram.

As a designer, it is very important to me to not just work with brands that offer great quality and a wide selection, but also to work with brands that operate with integrity and a great track record.

Each of our sponsoring brands have been around for a long time, and doing great things in the industry. It was a pleasure to work with each one and get to know their products just a bit more.

I will be sharing more about trends in the next High Point Market Roundup. Be sure to follow along so you don't miss that post.

Wishing You beauty And Inspiration!


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