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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…..

Mirrors are a great addition in a well designed room. They bring light and add depth in a space. Mirrors can be a decorator’s best friend in a small room that doesn’t get much natural light. Among the many benefits of mirrors, they make great focal points, reflect and emphasize views and colors from art pieces and create special effects in a room.

Here are some do’s and don’ts of decorating with mirrors:

  1. The location of the mirror is very critical to a successful room design. A mirror should never be placed in a way that it reflects undesirable views.

  2. You can absolutely hang multiple mirrors on one wall. They need to be grouped in a visually pleasing way keeping scale, balance and proportion in mind

  3. Never hang a mirror that is too small on a large wall

  4. Although it seems to be a very common thing, a mirror above a fireplace mantle is usually too high to be functional and really only reflects the ceiling

  5. Choose mirrors with great frames that will complement your décor. This is a great way to add personality.

  6. Add a mirror in an entry to reflect light. They also create a great opportunity to check yourself on your way out the door

  7. Add a mirror in a dining room with candlelight to create a warm, romantic glow

  8. Avoid doing a wall of frameless mirrors or mirrors on the ceiling….especially in a bedroom.

Here are a few cool mirrors that would be a great addition to any room:

A tear drop mirror. How cute is this?

Another teardrop inspired mirror

An early American mirror

A Grouping of Lotus Leaf mirrors

Burlap framed mirror

A grouping of porthole mirrors

A contemporary spin on a baroque mirror

A traditional mirror

Doesn’t this look like a necklace?

Great grouping

One of my favorite mirrors

Sunburst mirrors

Clover mirror

A beautiful venetian mirror

Which of these mirrors to you is the fairest of them all? Please comment below

Most of the mirrors pictured above are available for purchase through Casa Vilora Interiors. Please be sure to contact me if you need help with incorporating mirrors into your décor or for any decorating or remodeling help

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Have a great Tuesday!!

Be Inspired!

Veronica Solomon

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