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Must-Haves For Every Guest Bedroom

My clients jokingly say this all the time - that they don't want their guests so comfortable that they won't want to leave. Haha. The truth however is that every guest bedroom I have ever done, my clients all want the same thing - for their guests to feel comfortable and well taken care of while they are in their homes

They basically want to roll out the red carpet for each of their guests

2 Full size beds in a guest bedroom with custom bedding, upholstered headboards, juju hats as wall decor, shag carpet and black velvet benches at the foot of each bed
Guest Bedroom In Richmond Texas. Designed By Veronica Solomon. Photographed By Colleen Scott

In the guest bedroom above, my client loves having friends and family come to visit. She wanted to create as much comfortable space as possible for as many guests as she could accommodate, and so her number one request was to have two full size beds in the room.

The best layout was to have the beds on the window wall - something that we only do if that is the only option.

We first covered the windows with shutters to make them feel like more of an architectural detail in the room. This helps to solidify and perceive the window wall as a "wall" versus furniture in front of a window

We then added the drapery panels that match the shams in the bedding to help unify the bed with the window wall. We love to incorporate as many different textiles and patterns as possible in our design work, but in cases like this, it helps to create unity with matching elements. The result is that your eye notices (and loves) those elements before noticing the furniture on the window wall

The upholstered headboards were also purposefully chosen because they presented less of a hard barrier in front of the window than solid wood headboards would

The must-haves in this guest bedroom were:

** Comfort - we used full size beds over twins.

** A space for opening luggage - the benches at the foot of the bed

** A bit of storage - the small dresser in between the beds provide storage

** Thoughtful design - we created a beautiful, custom space using great bedding, a restful color palette, a soft rug underfoot

Guest bedroom in Cinco Ranch, Katy TX with wood-framed upholstered bed. Linen bedding and bird art
Guest Bedroom In Cinco Ranch. Designed By Veronica Solomon. Photographed By Colleen Scott

This guest bedroom in Cinco Ranch, Katy Texas was created for long term guests. My clients' parents visit for long periods at a time, and the room needed to feel comfortable and welcoming.

We used a soft color palette of neutrals and soft greens to create a calming mood

We chose an upholstered headboard for a soft back drop for reading in bed. The natural linen bedding lends a a soft organic relaxed and casual vibe to the space. Notice how we layer the bedding just like we do in every guest bedroom

The layers we typically add for a luxury feel:

**Mattress cover

**High thread count sheet set

**A luxury coverlet and matching shams (this is what we recommend they sleep underneath during the Spring and Summer months)

**A duvet or comforter (this is typically folded at the foot of the bed and used in the Fall and Winter months). We love the look of duvet but prefer comforters for their functionality. We typically choose hand-tacked comforters to resemble duvets, versus the quilted versions

**Euro shams and pillows (both sleeping pillows and decorative pillows) in coordinating colors and patterns

**A throw

Bedroom Vignette From The Casa Vilora Interiors Showroom

This room above was the bedroom vignette in our design studio, so it was not necessarily a guest bedroom, but some of the same features were added here.

In this bedroom we made sure there was ample lighting via the sconces and chandelier. The wallpaper was also a design feature that felt really calming in the space.

Guest bedroom in Katy TX with twin upholstered day bed
Guest Bedroom In Katy Texas. Designed By Veronica Solomon. Photographed By Colleen Scott

In this small guest bedroom that doubles as a home-from-college room for a young woman, we wanted to maximize the foot print of the space. Instead of a bed, we decided to do a twin size upholstered daybed. This acts almost as a seating area in the bedroom and leaves enough floor space for other activities

The must-haves in this small bedroom:

**Maximize floor space

**a hang out space for young adults

**Create storage

**A soft ethereal mood with strong color and pattern

Bedroom With Landscape Art

Adding beautiful artwork in a guest bedroom helps the room to feel complete and well designed. We typically choose landscapes or abstract art, which are typically the most favorable genres by many different people

While we love to add styling items to every room we design, we often opt to leave some surfaces unadorned for guests to have a place for things like books, laptops, phones, glasses, water, sleeping eye masks etc

It is also a great idea to have some hospitality items ready for guests in case they forget theirs. It is sometimes awkward for them to have to ask. things like:



Toothpaste and tooth brush


Feminine products




Phone chargers

Extra sleeping pillows

Extra blankets

Make them as natural and fragrance free as possible in case of allergies

Guest Bedroom With Silk Draperies

Color can be a good thing in guest bedroom as well. While we typically go for softer more calming colors to ensure a restful space for guests, sometimes our clients' personal styles call for color. In that case, we still try to keep the colors fairly soft and we avoid lots of different patterns in these instances.

Calming Bedroom With Luxury Bedding

And to top things off for your guests, include some fresh flowers in the guest bedroom

Veronica Solomon Arranging Fresh Flowers

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we hope that families and friends will have the ability to come together and safely fellowship just like every other year.

The guest bedroom is one of those areas that will need some sprucing up if you plan to have overnight guests.

We encourage you to create a space that will pamper them and make them feel welcomed. After all, the year so far has been quite a bit trying, and every little luxury you can afford will be worth it for a great experience for your guests.

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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