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My Number One Secret For Elevating A Room To Luxury Status

It's no secret that in order to accomplish a room that is luxurious, there are many layers that must go into its design. A room should not only look luxurious, it should be comfortable and improve the lives of the people who live there.

Many homeowners know what they like and are able to go out and purchase the larger items, like upholstery and case goods. But the biggest complaint I hear, is that the room just does not feel "pulled-together" or it feels "unfinished" or "it lacks personality"

The main reason for that incomplete feeling is that the space lacks the layers needed to create a cohesive and luxurious feeling. By layers I mean the accents like area rugs, art, pillows; and accessories like books, floral and greenery; small styling items; and of course lighting - general lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting

Custom Draperies
Living Room With Custom Draperies. Black Linen Fabric With Embroidery Details and Studs

Regardless of your budget, your space can be elevated to luxury status with the finishing touches. It just needs a designer with a keen eye to pull it all together for you, in a way that speaks to your personality and personal design aesthetic.

So what's my big secret for elevating a space to luxury status?

It is more obvious than you may think. It is the one area that most homeowners, and even some designers tend to skip. It tends to be a bit more on the pricier side, it needs to be custom to really look its best, and it requires some skill to execute.

Before I tell you what that secret layer is, I want to tell you a funny story.

I was speaking to a long time client of mine just this week. She just moved into a new home, and I am helping her as needed with pulling things together. She is very anxious to get the custom draperies going in her home. In her words, she can't stand waking up to no draperies on the windows - "You turned me into a drapery snob, Veronica!" She remarked. Haha. I thought that was pretty funny.

We have done custom draperies several times in her previous home, and she understands how they elevate her space and create drama, and they are a non-negotiable, must-have item in this new home.

Custom Color Blocked Drapery Panels
Living Room With Custom 22' Color Blocked Linen Panels

So you may have guessed what the secret is? Yes, it is custom drapery - a key element in a luxuriously finished room.

Try to imagine the rooms above, plus the ones I am about to show you without custom draperies. They just would not be the same.

So why are draperies such an important part of a room?

** They pull your eye up and allow the ceiling to feel a bit taller. In the event that you have much taller ceilings and want to create a more cozy feeling, a treatment like the one above will work great to stop the eye and keep the ceiling within "human scale". It's no fun walking into a room that feels too overwhelming because of its height or volume. Draperies can do a great job of making it feel more cozy.

Custom Citron Silk Draperies
Custom Citron Silk Draperies In Guest Bedroom

** They envelop the room and stop the eye so you can experience the room. Having great views is a wonderful thing. When you have a nice view outside, you want to design draperies that will not block them, or at least have the flexibility to open up to enjoy the views. But it is equally important that your eye perceives a space that you can enjoy. Draperies help to cocoon the room; stopping the eye so you can truly enjoy the room

Custom Remote Control Shades And Drapery Panels
Custom Roman Shades On A Remote And Custom Drapery Panels

** They add softness to a space. When chosen carefully, draperies can "soften" the architectural lines of a space and makes it feel more user-friendly. Even if you already have blinds, shades or shutters. In the above space, adding custom draperies was very challenging. You will notice that the windows are arched at the top, yet the wall had a cathedral ceiling line. There was also a functional door to the outside that we had to account for. Designing custom drapery hardware from Helser Brothers made it possible. The selection of fabric was also very important - a gauzy pin-stripe linen fabric with no lining allows the light to filter through and not block the views to the pond behind the house.

Orange Silk Draperies
Orange Silk Draperies Add Drama. Shown With Helser Brothers Drapery Hardware

Studio Apartment With Bold Stripe Draperies
Custom Color Block Stripes Add Drama To A Studio Apartment.

Dramatic Raspberry Silk Drapery Panels
Dramatic Raspberry Silk Drapery Panels With Trim Detail

Dramatic Teal Silk Drapery Panels On Lucite And Gold Rods and Hardware
Dramatic Teal Silk Drapery Panels On Lucite Rods

** They add drama. Who doesn't love drama? the good kind anyway. Depending on fabric selection, or the contrast they provide, your drapery can make a room look much more dramatic, custom and luxurious.

Traditional Swag Draperies
A Traditional Swag Treatment Help To Reinforce The Traditional Feel The Client Desired

** They help reinforce the room's style. In the first image above, we went with a custom traditional drapery treatment to help anchor the new traditional style of this master bedroom. An upholstered cornice board in a rich velvet fabric, and damask silk drapery panels creates a cohesive style and color palette for the space

In the second image, while the style is not for everyone, it was perfectly suited for this homeowner

Spice Tone Draperies
Spice Tones And A Paisley Pattern On Linen Drapery Panels

Geometric pattern linen panels
Geometric Pattern Linen Panels

Custom Drapery Panels In A Study

** They add color and pattern. Custom drapery is a great way to add color and pattern to a room. They can be the statement piece, or help to reinforce the color palette and pattern mix of the space

** They add functionality. Most times we see clients with blinds, shutters or another type of treatment as the privacy layer, and all that is needed are non-functional, decorative drapery panels. In some cases, clients need functional drapery panels for reasons such as total blackout, or not having that second layer for privacy.

In the image above, my clients already had blinds in the windows, but wanted to completely blackout any morning light. These drapery panels completely close off the windows and still has the amount of fullness needed to make them look attractive in both the open and close positions

** They add whimsy. If you love a space that does not take itself too seriously, you can add a bit of whimsy in your drapery panels. Choose a pattern that is not too childlike, but has enough elements to add a light-heartedness to the room

** They add just the right touch of elegance. This room could have easily been super stuffy and formal with the heavy furniture the client already owned. Adding the drapery panels helped to bring in a bit of elegance and femininity into the space with the "puddled" effect on the floor.

Intimate Dining Room With Bold Stripe On Silk Draperies

Living Room With Embroidered Leaf Detail On Silk Draperies

** They can be moody. I love these moody rooms that we created for a wonderful couple several years ago. The draperies created a really intimate and cozy feeling to these small rooms

You can see that draperies can be so versatile for creating just the right look and feel in a space. In my opinion, no room is complete without custom drapery panels.

Here are a few others from the archives that may inspire you to bring custom drapery home.

Ikea Linen Panels With Custom Banding
Ikea Linen Panels With Custom Banding

Blue Damask Drapery
Custom Cotton Blue Damask Drapery Panels

Gauzy Linen Panels On A Two Story Window
Gauzy Linen Draperies On A Two Story Window Wall

Geometric Linen Draperies
Geometric Linen Fabric For These Custom Draperies

Check out our window treatment service for more information on how you can have custom drapery panels HERE, and check out our work HERE to see more

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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