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My Summer Paint Color Palette Crush

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

As a designer, I often get a certain color palette stuck in my head for a while, and get the strong urge to use it as much as I can……until the next color palette crush emerges in my mind 🙂

This summer I have seriously been really into the color mix of raspberry, light teal, kiwi, and white…… as least that’s what I call them.

It could be because I have not visited my homeland Jamaica) in about 3 years, I am starting to yearn for home. These colors remind me so much of growing up in Jamaica.

SW Stop
color-swatch (1)
color-swatch (2)

The raspberry color reminds me of the hibiscus flower which is plentiful in Jamaica


The kiwi shade of green reminds me of the delicious fruits unique to the island, like this sweet sop. Mmmmm, I remember climbing trees as a young tomboy to get to this delicious fruit


And the blue and white reminds me of the beautiful clear skies, especially at the beach.

Perhaps a Caribbean influenced room is in the near future.

How to use this color palette in a room

Unless you love bold and dramatic, I wouldn’t recommend using the raspberry or even the blue on the walls. But they can be beautiful on the walls if you are OK with committing to these bold and beautiful colors.

The best way to use these colors, is through accessories and accents. I would recommend painting the walls either in the white or the green, add upholstery and furnishings in cool neutrals and then layer in the bolder colors in pillows, art, and accessories.

Of course, you can maybe do an accent wall to really create a great focal point in the room. Just be very careful with accent walls – make sure that they make sense in the room. These can quickly go from well-intentioned to ugly and out of place.

If you would like the names of these beautiful colors, we would be happy to send them your way. Simply send us a message

All colors are from Sherwin Williams, one of our gracious sponsors for the 4 Week Organize A Room Challenge starting on September 6th

4 Week Organize A Room Challenge

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!

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