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My Victoria Magazine Feature

I was so excited when Victoria Magazine contacted me back in September requesting to feature my entrepreneurial story in their annual January/February Entrepreneur issue.

Victoria Magazine Jan/Feb 2019 Entrepreneur issue

And imagine how more excited I was when the magazine hit news stands late December!

Bliss Victoria Entrepreneur issue 2019
Victoria Fanning // Silvie Granatelli // Yao Cheng //Teri Gelber // Mary Wallace // Veronica Solomon // Donna Stevens

It is such a great honor to be featured amongst these highly creative and talented women.

"The Business Of Bliss" issue celebrates the talents and accomplishments of seven outstanding businesswomen who reap the rewards of doing what they truly love for a living".

That sentiment is not lost on me. I get up every single day with a grateful heart, that I get to do what I love. Building a business as a single mom of two for the last 12 years was no easy feat, but I kept going back to the thought in my head that I have never been able to silence, even when the going got tough - "what else would you do?". That simple sentence would echo in my mind every time I felt like quitting. I am glad I never did quit. There was nothing else that I could imagine doing for a career.

I am here today celebrating the fact that 12 years in the business has proven to me that consistency, hard work, and a bit of street smarts will get you far. Farther than you could imagine in the thick of struggles and growing pains.

This feature is my very dear to me. It is my first national print publication feature, and it is only fitting that it is about the business that I love so much. I am so happy that I get to share it with you. You make it all possible. Because without your trust, loyalty and encouragement, it would not be possible. I love every opportunity I get to help you create your best life in your home. It's a heart thing for me, and I strive to always run my business with heart.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Please pick up your copy online or in print. Click HERE to get your copy. You can check out all my other press features HERE

Thanks for stopping by!


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