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On The Road Again…….

So today’s post will be very brief because I am on the road again. I am heading back from visiting my younger sister Staci who lives in Ft. Worth. She is pregnant with her first baby and this weekend her in-laws threw her a baby shower. It is only a four and a half hour drive from Katy where I live, so I decided to make the drive with the kids and the doggie. Plus it was great to peel myself away from the office and the back to school preparations.

I cannot believe how her belly has grown since I last saw her in the Spring. We spent a lot of time just catching up and me giving her tips and advice (at least what I can remember) on giving birth. It has been 12 years since my last pregnancy, and things have certainly changed since then.

Photo Credit: Missy Roberts photography

I was very proud to see how far along she came with the nursery décor. She and her hubby did it all themselves with no help from her Decorator sister (yours truly 🙂 ). They are not quite finished and so I haven’t taken any photos of the room to share. I will be back when the baby is here in Mid September, so I will take plenty pictures then.

My gifts to my new nephew’s nursery are custom color blocked drapery panels, custom crib bedding, custom seat cushion for the rocker with matching pillows, and art that I have commissioned from a dear friend and Artist, Aimee Chaison. The art and cushions are still not ready, but I brought the bedding and draperies with me.

These are the custom color blocked drapery panels. I took a quick shot with my iPad. It is not very clear but hopefully you get the idea.

She already had the rod hung long time ago when she first moved into the home, otherwise I would probably hang it a bit higher above the window.

Via Casa Vilora Interiors

This is the bedding. The blanket and crib fitted sheet were purchased from Land Of Nod and the crib skirt and bumper were made by my workroom.

Via Casa Vilora Interiors

Via Casa Vilora Interiors

My sister had been collecting safari themed figurines long before she was even pregnant, so that became the theme of the room. I helped her find the bedding from Land of Nod and the room’s color scheme of blue, white and orange developed from the bedding.

The walls were painted a neutral olive green from the time she bought the house 8 years ago, and she decided not to repaint (against my advice 🙂 ). What can I say? She is as stubborn as I am 🙂  I wanted to go with a very light gray as the main color with a few horizontal stripes in the center of the walls in the blue, orange and a darker shade of gray.

The nursery is shaping up nicely and I will be sure to share pictures of what she and her hubby did with the room once it is complete.

Meet Staci and her husband Jimmy (the proud parents-to-be 🙂 )

Photo Credit: Missy Roberts Photography

Photo Credit: Missy Roberts Photography

Well, that’s it for today. I should be back in Houston by late evening.

Happy Monday to you all!

Wishing you beauty and inspiration!

Veronica Solomon Owner/Lead Designer Casa Vilora Interiors

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