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One Room Challenge – Builder Grade To Sophisticated Guest Bathroom – Week 1

Holy wow! I am really doing it again! This is like the 5th time! Call me crazy, but I love what Linda with Calling It Home blog has created here. The fun and excitement is amazing!

People literally think that I am crazy for trying to redo a bathroom in 6 weeks, but this is the One Room Challenge, thank you very much! Where anything is possible! So many amazing designers and bloggers have done this before! I’ve done this before! It will be done!

One small bathroom. 6 weeks. $5000! Simple enough! Haha

If you are new around here and have no idea what I am talking about, I would say “fasten your seat belts, it is about to go down!”

The One Room Challenge is the brain child of designer/blogger Linda whose blog is called Calling It Home. Several years ago she started this decorating challenge which is a twice yearly event (Spring and Fall), where 20 designers/bloggers are invited to makeover a room in their home or a client’s home and blog about it over a 6 week period, leading up to the big reveal on week 6. Other designers and bloggers can join in as well as guest participants. Each season, hundreds of guest participants from all over the world get involved, and it is one of the most exciting things in the design blogging community. Literally thousands of rooms have been made over since its inception.

As I mentioned, this is my 5th time participating, and it is just as thrilling as the first time! Here’s a look back at some of my reveals over the years.

I think this one might have been my favorite, because this space was all mine. This was a builder basic dining room that I transformed into my sitting room/study. DIVINE! I no longer own that home – I sold it about 3 or 4 years ago, but boy do I miss that space.

Ok, on to the room at hand. This time around I decided to redo my son Joshua’s bathroom.

Ok here is the crazy part! This is a brand new bathroom in a new construction home I just bought. Like I literally closed escrow on the house about two weeks ago. I am redoing each space – adding custom touches, over the next year. So the first order of business is Joshua’s bathroom. The bathroom has never been used! It’s literally brand spanking new! Ok, Ok, before you say anything, you will see why I had to up the ante on this blah builder basic space.

Let’s look at it in its current state. I have a video!

I made this announcement to my Facebook audience about a week ago, that way, I have to do it. Haha! No turning back at this point!

You see? A very basic bathroom, that I knew going in that I was going to change. I intentionally built the house through a production builder at the bottom of my budget, and barely did any upgrades. I knew I would be completely transforming each room

As I mentioned in the video, this bathroom will also be shared with guests,  yikes! This meant that I wanted it to be modern and sophisticated, and still functional for a 16 year old young man. Tall order! Am I right?

So Here’s The Plan

This is the room layout and elevation.

bathroom Floor Plan

Pretty good right? We are keeping some of it; the vanity being one of them. I really dislike the orangey tones of the cabinets so they will be painted for sure. Maybe a kelly green or teal. Something bold for sure, but I haven’t quite decided yet. First, we will beef it up a bit with some open shelving where the weird opening is, and a storage tower on the left. Of course we will add cabinet hardware and possibly change the counter top to porcelain!

We are keeping the toilet as well, but pretty much everything else will go.

the 12×12 shower wall tiles will be demo’ed and the tub will be removed as well. I battled with the tub versus shower decision. It is the only tub in the house, and it would be better left in for resale value down the line. Then I remembered that my son is a messy showerer (is that a word?), and I would prefer if my home suited my lifestyle; not some buyer 10 years from now. Assuming that the “moving bug” is gone and I will in fact stay here for the next 10 years.

So, the plan is to do these wonderful 10×10 white hexagon tile with gray grout. The shower floor, curb, shower wall recess, bathroom floor and vanity backsplash will be a black 2×2 hexagon tile with white grout. Very clean and classic

We will add wainscoting  painted out in white all around the room to give it some architectural presence. The house sorely lacks any real architectural interest.

The window will get a wood shutter and maybe a faux roman shade, and of course all the hardware, lighting, mirror and faucets will be upgraded to a brass finish.

I am most excited about the matte black grid shower door. So much better having a door versus shower curtain. Especially having Josh for a son.

Of course I will be adding some finishing touches, including art, and voila! Reveal Day! I wish it was that easy, right?

Here is the concept board with all the pieces together

bathroom makeover

I am still trying to decide if the Chinoiserie fabric that I will use in the faux roman shade will be too feminine for my son. I personally love it! I think it is a great way to soften the masculinity of the black and white tiles. Plus, it is a great way to pop some color in the bathroom. If you know me, you know I LOVE COLOR!

Here’s another fabric option I am considering. This one is an ikat, so a bit less feminine but still has tons of color to work from.

Or maybe this one. Really simple. Maybe too geometric with all the other geometric patterns already going on?

Ok one last one. I promise! Haha. This one is quite interesting.

Hmmmm! Decisions, decisions.

Which is your favorite? I am curious to know what you would pick. Drop me a comment with your choice for the fabric for the roman shade. It will be similar to this one from a show house I did last year……or was it the year before?

See the white shade in the window? That’s what I will do again

In case you are wondering what all the colors are on the concept board:

The kelly green will be on the vanity cabinet, the pear green will be the insides of the cabinets, so that color will only be visible when the cabinet doors are open. The soft gray for the walls and the white on all the trim. The bathroom door will likely be painted black.

The Next Step

If you guessed demo day, you are so right! We are all set to rip out wall tiles, floor tiles and the bath tub. That’s so exciting! I will be sharing demo day next week, so come back for that.

I am getting ready to place orders and I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything shows up on time. I think that’s the hardest part of making over a space in 6 weeks! You definitely don’t want to hear the dreaded “backorder”

Please plan to follow along for the next six weeks as I share the progress of this bathroom makeover. Updates every Thursday! You can find updates on Instagram and Facebook, and of course, right here on the blog

Follow hashtags #ORC #OneRoomChallenge

In the meantime, check out the main participants and sponsors of The One Room Challenge. Be sure to check out the week 1 linkup for the guest participants

Wishing You beauty And Inspiration!


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