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One Room Challenge – Builder Grade To Sophisticated Guest Bathroom – Week 2

Oh yes! It is week 2 of my son’s/guest bathroom makeover for the Spring 2018 edition of The One Room Challenge.

In case you are new around here, The One Room Challenge  (ORC) is the brain child of designer/blogger Linda whose blog is called Calling It Home. Several years ago she started this decorating challenge which is a twice yearly event (Spring and Fall), where 20 featured designers/bloggers are invited to makeover a room in their home or a client’s home and blog about it over a 6 week period, leading up to the big reveal on week 6.

Other designers and bloggers can join in as well as guest participants (that would be me). Each season, hundreds of guest participants from all over the world get involved, and it is one of the most exciting things in the design blogging community. Literally thousands of rooms have been made over since its inception.

I see it very often in the design community; Designers are really busy making spaces beautiful for their clients, and often neglect their own homes. The ORC is a great way to get motivated to finishing a space in their homes.

I, for one love decorating my own home. I am always tinkering with a project or three, so I participate for a different reason. It really allows me the creative freedom to do some of the things that clients will sometimes say no to. This bathroom (in my design studio), is one such room that I know would have gotten push-backs from clients, but I was able to bring it to life for myself. It’s been great for my branding as well. This powder bathroom is actually the color inspiration for my son’s bathroom.

Black Powder Room

The black, white, gold and green just look so dramatic to me and I just love how this turned out. It’s so nice, I had to do it twice. 🙂

Black powder room with marble vanity

So last week, we left it at the plans for the space – here is last week’s post in case you missed it. This past week was all about demo and bringing the space back together again piece by piece. It was quite the adventure to see your brand new bathroom being ripped out, but I knew it was for the better. I literally could not watch!

I also spent the week shopping for all the little pieces that will come together for a sophisticated space.

Here again is the mood board with all the selections.

bathroom makeover

Here is the layout and elevation

bathroom Floor Plan

Like with most construction projects, changes happen along the way. I had to make some changes to the plumbing fixtures. The shower faucet was a completely different shade gold from the vanity faucet when it arrived! I am all about mixing metals, but not when they are trying to be the same but are not; so I had to go back to the drawing board.

I kept the shower faucet I had chosen and got a new vanity faucet that matched a bit better. I really love the clean lines of the Delta Vero faucet. It has just the right amount of sophistication and practicality. You can find out more about it here

Delta Vero shower faucet

I ended up choosing the Delta Vero 8″ widespread from the same collection. More on it here

I also loved that it was clean lined, but still has some curves

Delta Vero vanity faucet in champagne bronze

I also got the toilet paper holder, hand towel holder, and toilet handle, all in the champagne bronze. Now I have a matching set! I am not big on matchy matchy in rooms, but for bathroom fixtures, keeping them consistent is great

Ok enough talk. I know you are ready to see some hammers swinging and some walls being ripped out. Haha! Well, I didn’t do a video of the actual demo.

Here you go!

This is what it looked like after the shower tiles and tub were pulled out and they began framing out the soap niche

Guest Bathroom makeover

Guest Bathroom Makeover

Here, the backer board is in. Almost ready for tiles!

Guest Bathroom Makeover

We were changing the brand of faucet, so a new valve had to be installed. That is one of the small details but important details about a bathroom renovation

Guest Bathroom Makeover

And the tile finally getting started. Imagine my excitement! My son hasn’t even seen it yet

Guest Bathroom Makeover

Guest Bathroom Makeover

Guest Bathroom Makeover

I just love the look of the white hex tiles. I will be doing a light gray grout just to bring out the pattern a bit. Nothing super high contrast

Guest Bathroom Makeover

Guest Bathroom Makeover

Guest Bathroom Makeover

A bit of a snafu on my part – I should have paid closer attention to the smaller black hex that I chose for the floor. I wanted unglazed and paid for the glazed instead by mistake, and never caught it until after they started working. I had my contractor pick them up, so I caught my mistake too late. But it’s ok. I can roll with it. The gray grout will knock it down a bit.

So we have come a long way so far! Yay! I think we will be on schedule

Here’s a quick video

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do a new counter top, but I was out shopping for slab for a client and came across this remnant, and I think I will have it fabricated into a new counter top. I am seriously questioning my sanity about getting my son a real marble counter top, but I think the pattern will hide a lot

Guest Bathroom Makeover

Just imagine that with the green vanity cabinet.I think it will be yummy! Very yummy!

So  what’s coming up next?

For week 3, we will have all the tile work done, and then my carpenter will begin working on the cabinetry modifications, then electrical, paint.

Moving right along!

Please follow along on Facebook and Instagram as we post updates during the week


Head on over to The One Room Challenge page to check out the 20 feature designers/bloggers and don’t forget to check out the linky party with links to all the participants. Its so much fun to see everyone’s progress!

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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