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One Room Challenge Fall 2015 – Guest Bedroom Makeover – Reveal Day!

I made it! I actually made it to Reveal Day! I am so excited to share my fabulous guest bedroom makeover with you! Thanks for joining me today to see what this room has blossomed into in just six weeks!

This room embodies my personal style – eclectic, bold, quirky, collected, a bit of boho chic, a bit of crazy, but still sophisticated.

I love mixing patterns and colors that immediately will seem like they don’t belong together, but work together in the finished room for luxe, layered look.

I have always wanted to paint a room black, and since my clients usually freak out when I mention that 🙂 I decided to do it in my home. I did start wit my powder room to make sure I could handle it, and absolutely loved it!

The common misconception that black walls will close the room in and make it feel smaller is simply not true… all depends on how the room is decorated.

By Niki (20)

If this is your first time here, and you are not sure what the heck I am talking about, check out week 5 here, and from there you can back track to weeks 1 through week 4. You will see all the gory details and the progress from the “ugly duckling” of a room, to the beautiful chic space it has become.

The One Room Challenge is the brain child of Linda from Calling It Home, and it is where 20 designer /bloggers (the main participants) makeover a room in their home or a client’s home, and blog about the progress each Wednesday over the six weeks, to reveal day on week 6. Other designers and design enthusiasts are invited to participate and blog about their progress on Thursdays, and we all get to link up our spaces at the linky party, and get to share in each other’s successes and learn from each other’s setbacks. Today is victory day because we have all made it to the finish line. Woohoo!! 🙂

Well enough talk; I am sure you all are ready to see the long awaited guest bedroom makeover.

Are you ready? 🙂

It’s Curtain Call………

By Niki (57)

These are the yummy fuchsia silk drapery panels with the Greek key detail which I think makes the room. You will see in just a second how it brings everything together in the room

Here is what the room looks like now

By Niki (1)

Here you can see the gallery wall that was a last minute decision when I had to change the orientation of the bed, which was supposed to be on that wall.The floor to ceiling gallery wall mostly consists of original works by my daughter Courtney, some flea market finds and a couple of pieces from Minted.

Here is a closer look at the gallery wall

By Niki (8)

Here is the headboard wall. I spray painted the antlers white to really contrast with the wall color. To the left is the Ikea dresser that I spray painted white with gold accents. To the right is a small mid-century inspired flower table with a marble top. I LOVE this table. It was much lower than the dresser, so I used books to build up the height to make them a bit more symmetrical. You will see my latest finds – the lamps from HomeGoods. They were a really nice treat after being disappointed that the lamps I already owned didn’t quite work

The bedding is probably my favorite part of the room. The black and white duvet set is set off by the custom pillows using this beautiful Diane Von Furstenberg fabric and Ikea pillow.I think the beautiful layers add a really bold and sexy tone to the room.

Mixing inexpensive with higher end, new with old just works perfectly for my style.

By Niki (12)

Here is the chandelier in context with the rest of the room. You can see that the gold works so much better than the dark brown would have.

You can get a good look at the black and white striped floor in this shot. It anchors the whole room and is definitely a conversation piece

By Niki (2)

In the picture below, you will see the lambs wool rug, which I decide not to use after all. It was a bit too big for the room and covering up too much of the floor. You will also see the striped closet walls. A nice little surprise….don’t you think?

By Niki (51)

By Niki (10)

The view from the closet door looking to the entrance of the room. You can see a closer view of the yummy pillows

By Niki (7)

These are some shots of the vignettes on the nightstands. As you can see, I love styling with my decorating books. They add such warmth to the room

The pair of peacocks was a special find on eBay. They have finally found a home in the guest bedroom as they have been in storage for a while now.

It seems every room I do end up getting at least one agate slice…..unintentionally. These ones are actually faux agates, but they look very real. They add that fuchsia to the main wall to help balance the drapery panels

By Niki (4)

By Niki (13)

The little yellow Ikea chair was styled with some of my favorite books and a ceramic pineapple to symbolize hospitality for my guests. Obviously they will be removed when I have actual guests in the room 🙂 The lambs wool Ikea rug also add a cozy feel to that little corner of the room

I just love the vanity vignette. It is really very feminine, so hopefully any male guests won’t feel too uneasy in the room. The truth is, I don’t really ever have male guests

The custom upholstered vanity is one of my favorite pieces in the room. I designed and had it built by my upholsterer, and I think it looks so luxurious and adds a great texture to the room

By Niki (14)

 Another view to the entrance of the room, and one more of Courtney’s originals

By Niki (17)

If you have been following the progress of the room, you will see that I decided to get the Moroccan styled mirror instead of the one I already owned. The clean lines just worked better for the room.

The black gazelle was a left over piece from a past project, and it really came in handy to add some height to the vanity table

By Niki (24)

By Niki (5)

By Niki (11)

So I love this vignette. I tried to add a bit of whimsy with the bust (named Alexander; Xander for short 🙂 ) and adding a gangsta chain. Lol. But I love including the dream catcher as well. Just a fun little detail, and great for a bedroom

By Niki (53)

I just might be using this vanity myself. My guests will have to fight me off 🙂

By Niki (39)

By Niki (18)

So one last picture of my guest bedroom makeover

But before that, take a look back at where we started………..

Casa Vilora Interiors


Yep, that was the mess of a room that was dominated by the doggie, Rufus

By Niki (6)

Hope you enjoyed seeing the finished guest bedroom. 6 short weeks were just that….short, but I got it done, and all I can say is that I am so happy it’s finished!

Thanks to my photographer Niki, my painters Ricardo and Roberto, my seamstress Mary and my art Installer Keith. They made this room happen in 6 weeks

Come back next week as I share some of the sources and resources for the products in the room.

Head on over to Calling It Home linky party to check out some of the other participants

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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