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One Room Challenge Fall 2015 Week 2: Guest Bedroom Makeover

Hello again my lovelies!

Thanks for stopping by today to check out this week’s update of my guest bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge (ORC). If you didn’t catch week one, you can get caught up here. And incase you are new to The Naked Decorator and are not familiar with the ORC, allow me to break it down for you.

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 Participants cih

The ORC is a design challenge created by Linda of Calling It Home, where 20 designers make over a room in their home or their client’s home and blog about the progress each Wednesday over a six week period leading up to the big reveal on week number six. Other designers like myself are invited to participate and blog about our progress each Thursday. It really is a neat idea and a lot of talented designers participate each time.

As promised, this week I will be going over each individual piece I selected for the room and how I will be using them to accomplish the bold, dramatic look I am after for my guest bedroom.

Before I get to that, however, I would like to share what I accomplished this week:

Casa Vilora Interiors

All the painting has been completed for the room (shown a few pictures below). You can see the beautiful black walls painted with Benjamin Moore Onyx. I used a flat finish to make sure the walls weren’t too shiny. You can see that it is a common misconception that painting a room black (or dark colors) makes the room feel smaller. If you remember where the 10×12 room began, you can see that having dark walls and light flooring (and eventually furniture) has made the room appear larger

Here’s the BEFORE shot of the room

Casa Vilora Interiors


Casa Vilora Interiors


The picture above is the beginning stage of the painted floor. Here’s what it looks like now:



Talk about drama! I love the bold and daring look of the black and white painted floor. I decided to extend the black and white stripes into the closet as well (although it will be closed most of the times). It will be a nice touch when my guests open up the closet to put their things away.

Ready to see the individual pieces I chose for the room?

The Furniture Pieces

The Bed


This is a metal bed that I have owned now for over 12 years (here you can see it in my country style guest bedroom back in the day) . I believe I purchased it from the Bombay Company and I still love it, but got tired of the oil rubbed bronze finish. In the next week or so, I will be spray painting it in gold/brass to work better with the classic touch that I want to bring into the room.

The Nightstands


This piece is from Ikea (Trysil chest of drawers) and will be one of the nightstands in the room. It will be painted white with gold pulls and gold base. I already did one for my living room (shown below), so it really will be a great look for this piece. It is like it was meant to be white and gold

casa vilora Interiors

Casa Vilora Interiors

This is the other nightstand for the room

Casa Vilora Interiors

A white flower table with marble top and lacquered base will work great as the nightstand closer to the closet doors

The Vanity

casa Vilora Interiors

This is a custom console that I had made from scrap wood and upholstered in this beautiful faux python leather with nail head detailing. I will have to get a piece of glass cut to fit the top

Here’s how it started life


I will be using it as a vanity instead of a console. It is the right height, width and depth and a great way to add a different texture to the room, and a touch of luxury. Python always has an air of luxury

The Vanity Chair

Casa Vilora Interiors

From the floor plan (last week’s post), you can see that there is not a lot of room between the vanity and the bed, so I chose the ghost chair because it visually does not take up space in the room.

The Rug


Although I just adore the black and white stripe floor, a wood floor always needs a rug to anchor the furniture arrangement, and add warmth. I chose this white hair on hide rug. The soft texture will be wonderful in the room and very luxe. I will also be adding a smaller version to the chair as well

Here is an idea of the vignette I would like to arrange above the vanity (minus the lantern chandelier). I did this mock up for another project, so the pieces will be different (except for the mirror)


I just love the Moroccan style mirror and I need to get it ordered soon.

These are the sconces I will be using. They are for tall tapered candles and it adds such a cool looking architectural feel


The Chandelier

Okay, I am having trouble deciding which chandelier I like best for the room

Will you help me choose? Cast your votes in the comments below

Option 1


The Sputnik

Option 2


The Glass Droplets

Option 3


The Glass Discs

The Bedding


I got this beautiful duvet set a few months ago and will be adding some great looking pillows in fuchsia, black and white to work with the room

Possible pillows for the bed


The Featured Art


My daughter Courtney (18yrs) painted this diptych a few years ago, and I will be using them in the room (possibly frame them). They are perfect……well I may change the lipstick to fuchsia on these abstract ladies. Shhhhh, don’t tell her 🙂

The Whimsical Touch

Lazy Susan USA Gazelle Horns Wall Décor

I know, I know, I have antlers in almost every room of my house. Lol.This one is a bit different….it is more for the sculptural effect. I will spray paint the whole thing white, which will look very crisp against the black walls. This will go over the bed. This will be interesting for me to put this seemingly under-scaled piece on that big wall, but the color contrast (the black of the walls and the white of the antlers), and the architectural feel will give it the “weight” it needs for that main wall.

And of course lamps and accessories will be added. I just haven’t chosen all those pieces yet. I would love to get a pair of these brushstroke lamps by Jana Bek


But they are honestly out of my budget at $450 a piece. Wouldn’t they be fabulous in the room? Wishing and hoping 🙂

An idea of the accessories I have in mind.


These gazelle sculptures would look great! Very sculptural and minimal yet strong.

Because the draperies will be custom, I don’t have a picture to show you, but imagine beautiful fuchsia dupioni silk panels with black and white Greek key detail puddled on the floor, and mounted on brass hardware. Mmmmmm. They are going to look super yummy!

Well that’s it for the room this week. Be sure to follow along every Thursday for the next few weeks to see how this bold and beautiful room develops.

And please don’t forget to vote for your favorite chandelier! I think I am overthinking it way too much and I need your input 🙂

Join the ORC linky party going on now to see more from other participants. Check out the main participants below

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to know what you think about the room so far!

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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