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One Room Challenge Fall 2015 Week 5 – Guest Bedroom Makeover

Hello, hello! And welcome to week 5 of the One Room Challenge! 🙂

I am literally biting my fingernails right now as I give you this week’s update of my guest bedroom makeover. I have so many things yet to be done, and I am seriously nervous!

The good news is I already have my photographer and art installer scheduled for next week; the bad news is, I am not sure I will be ready for them 🙁

My daughter Courtney’s art got held up at Hobby Lobby – they are framing them for me, and there is a good chance they will not be ready before the big reveal 🙁 Remember them? They are a big part of how this guest bedroom will come together. I would be totally bummed if that is the case.


I decided to add more of her work to the gallery wall which is still a work in progress. It takes so much art to fill a wall……it is definitely not a cheap undertaking.

Casa Vilora Interiors

There are still tons of frames sitting in my car, and time is not my best friend these days.

Regardless of the snafus this week, I did get quite a bit done – especially if you recall where we started. If not, you can check out week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 for the progress.

This is where we are this week

Casa Vilora Interiors

You can see that the fabulous silk fuchsia drapery panels are up, and I could not be happier with them!

casa Vilora Interiors

Look at how fabulously well they work with Courtney’s art. And that Greek key trim is TO.DIE.FOR.

Casa Vilora Interiors

This piece is one of my most favorite pieces she’s ever done

The chandelier is in. It is completely different from the three I was trying to choose from in week 3’s post. I chose this one because it had a masculine feel to it, and this room is veering heavily towards feminine, so this will help to balance the look a bit. I know, fuchsia is so not masculine 🙂

Casa Vilora Interiors

I also chose to add a medallion onto the ceiling to create some interest with the chandelier. The chandelier actually arrived dark brown and I spray painted it gold. Here’s what it looked like before

Casa Vilora Interiors

You can see it is a very handsome chandelier, it was just the wrong color – I was hoping it would be black when I ordered it, but nope.

The Ikea hacked nightstand is in place, and it is so much better looking than the original dark brown color.

You will notice the lamps, there is something about them that I am not sure about. These lamps I ordered a while back for a project and never ended up using them. I think the black blends in too much with the walls and gold will be too much. I may do a gold accent to the base or just choose something else with a white base. Then again, there will be art behind the lamps so those will add some contrast.

What would you do with these lamps?


Here’s more from the room



What do y’all think so far?

I ended up ordering the Moroccan style mirror instead of using the one I already owned. I think I was really drawn to the cleaner lines and classic shape. Here’s what it looks like in case you forgot. It will go above the vanity table, and I think it’s perfect 🙂

Casa Vilora Interiors

So the next time you see this room it will be finished and looking fabulous! (I hope 🙂 )

I am sure you are eager to see how the other participants are doing, so please head on over to Calling It Home Blog and check out today’s linky party. Many of you are aware that Linda of Calling It Home is the creator of this awesome bi-annual design challenge. It has grown so much an I am always happy to participate. I cannot believe that it is my 4th time! Wow!

Please come back next Thursday for the BIG REVEAL. I am so excited to see this room finished. I know it will be FABULOUS!

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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