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One Room Challenge – Josh’s Teen Bedroom – Week 5

Well, well, well, I cannot believe it but we are just one week away from the big reveal for the One Room Challenge!


I’m freaking out!…………

The One Room Challenge is hosted by Linda of Calling It Home Blog, and it is a super fun and challenging challenge ( 🙂 ) where a group of 20 design and lifestyle bloggers makeover a room in their home or their client’s home over a six week period, and blog about the progress leading up to the big reveal on week 6. Another group of bloggers (including me) are invited to makeover a room, and blog about it and share our progress through a link party each Thursday leading up to the big reveal. You can check out this week’s link party here

You can follow my progress for Josh’s teen bedroom makeover week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4

This room by Sarah Richardson is kinda the inspiration for the room (but not really). Makes sense?


Last week was a bust. I got nothing done because I was away on business. This week I was playing catch up big time! And I was not playing around either!

First off, I got the sputnik chandelier installed and I am loving it! Joshua says it looks like some sort of weapon! Haha, I didn’t see that until he mentioned it.

Casa Vilora Interiors

Well it is missing bulbs right now. Notice that the ceiling has been painted white?….so much better!

The built-ins were done and painted and the platform of the bed assembled and painted. Notice all the storage drawers in the platform bed? I am so happy about all the storage he will have in his room. Now there are no excuses for a messy room. Yeah right? 🙂

Casa Vilora Interiors

I decided to keep the dark blue color on all these pieces for better flow.

His closet was tiny and cluttered, and a big waste of space, so I had some drawers and cubbies built in for better organization. The cubbies will be for his shoes and the drawers for undies.

Casa Vilora Interiors

The dark blue was continued in there as well

The awesome West Elm desk was put together as well, and I am loving it!

Casa Vilora Interiors

Gorgeous isn’t it? I know, bad photo, but you get the idea

Ok, so the biggest part of the room…..the floor, is still not done yet. Yikes! I am a bit nervous about it, but I had my faux painter make up a little sample board.

Casa Vilora Interiors

The colors are good, except I need to lighten it up and add some white – lots of white. I need more of the wood grain showing through. The floor will be done with chalk paint and stain and then a ton of polyurethane to protect it from Joshua 🙂 Like 6 coats. Wish me luck!

Casa Vilora Interiors

This is kinda where we are trying to go with the floor, but lighter colors. See why I am nervous?

The roman shade will be installed in the next few days. Remember the beautiful ikat fabric? Well now it has a few friends that will show up as pillows and shams for his bed.

Casa Vilora Interiors

I cannot wait to see it all done.

I had planned to use a white duvet cover with navy blue trim, but then I thought long and hard about the mess that will undoubtedly happen in this room, so I opted for one with some pattern in it

Casa Vilora Interiors

The quatrefoil duvet cover still is predominantly white, but with all the dark woodwork, and the floor, it is needed to lighten things up a bit

Speaking of the bedding, I am so pleased with the way the headboard turned out. I happened to have the fabric remnant left over from a project over 4 years ago and it works great for Josh’s room.

Casa Vilora Interiors

Notice the nail heads? Love them! It’s all in the details 🙂

This weekend, Josh and I will go accessories shopping at HomeGoods and Ikea. Josh is already working on a few pieces of art for his room

Casa Vilora Interiors

This is the only one I was allowed to photograph. Yep, he is a big Dragon Ball Z fan

So one major hurdle I just encountered today is that my photographer will be out of town next week, so I desperately need to find someone who can photograph, edit and get me the photos back in a day. Wish me luck please!

Well the next week will be a major push to get it all done. I know we can do it! Let’s check out the main participants and see how their rooms are shaping up

Don’t forget to come back next Thursday to see the big reveal. In fact, if you are not subscribed to The Naked Decorator, please subscribe now so you never miss all the awesomeness that happens around here.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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