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One Room Challenge – Parisian Eclectic Powder Room – Week 2

Hey there Lovelies,

It’s Week 2 of The One Room Challenge (ORC) and we are kicking things in high gear for the powder room makeover. In case you missed week 1, you can check it out here to see the plan and what all the commotion is about 🙂

Just a brief background of what the ORC is and why I am crazy enough to be doing it for the sixth time:

If you have followed me for a while, you will probably know that Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home blog started the challenge back in 2011 as a way to get a few of her design blogger friends to finish a room in their homes over a six week period and blog about the progress and support each other. On week 6, they come together and show off their finished spaces and celebrate. What started out as a way to stay motivated to finish a room in their homes, has grown to a huge challenge with hundreds of participants each Spring and Fall.

Today, the ORC is a global phenomenon. Over 2200 spaces have been made over since its inception! That’s remarkable!

Twenty design bloggers are chosen each season as the main participants and are supported by great sponsors including Better Homes and Gardens as the media partner. Click here for a list of featured designers and sponsors. Anyone can join in as a guest participant and each edition hundreds of designers and bloggers participate.

So, I am doing my guest bathroom, and I am pretty excited about the progress so far. I decided to take on a smaller space this time around, because this season, High Point Fall Furniture Market falls right within the six week time frame. I am actually leaving to go to Market for a week in just a couple of days, and knew that I would be losing that time with the project.

Six weeks (or should I say about 4) is a tall order when you are talking about finishing a powder room. It may only be 3×8, but it was so blah and boring, that it will take a few layers to make it the awesome space that I know it can be. Fortunately, I had most of my guys lined up to get started on week 1 and 2, so I wouldn’t be on their long wait list come week 5. Yikes that would not be good!

Here’s a look back at where we started.

This is builder basic at its finest. the pedestal sink and oval frameless mirror are just sad looking. The light fixture is not much better, and the uninspiring textured walls wreaks of “cheap and nasty”. Haha

My guests deserve much better than this. The key will be to finish this space to look luxuriously Parisian Eclectic, without paying the price of a round trip to Paris.

And this is what we have done so far

My plumber came out and did his thing, followed by my electrician who added junction boxes for the ceiling fixture and the pendants

The most exciting part – the walls are in! My carpenter did a marvelous job adding the moldings to the walls and ceiling. The painting was already done! Yay!

The HANDy Paint Pail with the removable liner, made the task of painting so much easier.

Next week I will share the painted space. I decided to go with a slightly different pink – Benjamin Moore Pleasant Pink and I decided to do a matte finish instead. I saw images of matte pink finger nail polish on Pinterest, and was so inspired to try that on the walls.

Ok, so a minor dilemma: I cannot decide what countertop to go with, and I need your help picking your favorite one. I visited Siri Granite’s slab yard this week to go through their remnant pile, in search of the perfect piece for the small countertop that is only 35″Wx21″D. I found 4 pieces that I like, and of course, since Siri is one of my go-to sources for stone and marble fabrication, they are offering me a pretty great price.

So which do you prefer?

Option 1 – Marble

Option 2 (the large piece in the back) – Quartzite

Option 3 – Marble 2

Option 4 – Quartzite 2

They are all the same price, and I am already aware of the drawbacks to marble. The thing about remnants is, you don’t always get exactly what you have in mind. That is the trade off to paying less than half the regular price.

Let me know in the comments which is your favorite. Keep in mind that these are the same flooring in the powder room

Foyer makeover

Next on the list is to shop for the reclaimed wood for the bottom shelf of the vanity. That will have to wait until I return from High Point next week

Please come back next week to see more progress from my Parisian Eclectic Powder Room, and in the meantime, head to The One Room Challenge website to check out the sponsors, featured designers and the other guest participants.

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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