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One Room Challenge: Small Swanky Sitting Room Week 2 of 6

It is week 2 of the One Room Challenge! And today I will be updating you on the progress I have made within the last week

In case you are new to my blog and don’t know what the ORC is; let me explain in a nutshell. The ORC is hosted by Linda at Calling It Home Blog. It is where a group of 20 Bloggers and Designers are invited to complete a room in their home or a client’s home over the next six weeks and blog about the progress each week. Each Thursday, hundreds of other Designers and Bloggers like myself are invited to join the ORC linking party, showing off the progress of a room that we are also completing during these six weeks!

Last week I introduced the room I will be completing for the challenge and incase you missed it, you can check it out here

Before I get to the pieces for the room – Remember the Charles Faudree gold leopard silk that I was having a mill check done on because it was out of stock?

This one?

katy Interior Designer

The Fabrics

Well, unfortunately it has been discontinued 🙁 BUT…….I have two other choices, and please tell me which you would choose?……

Katy interior designer

Team Blue leopard or team cream leopard? Which one are you? 🙂

Ok, let’s get to the furniture pieces that I have selected for my Small Swanky Sitting Room.

I didn’t make as much progress as I had hoped this week. I at least wanted to get the painting done, but got side-tracked by the grand opening of the Casa Vilora Classroom (more to come on that).

Here again is the floor plan and furniture layout.

Katy Interior Designer

Furniture Layout For Swanky Small Sitting Room – Casa Vilora

This awkward dining room is about to get a big dose of swankiness!

You’ve seen some of the existing pieces from week 1:

The Stanley hutch that I have owned for several years. It is a slightly bigger for the space than I would have chosen, but I am not ever parting ways with this piece. It was purchased when I lived in a much bigger house, so I will make it work here by down-playing the scale of it by the way I will style it. It will house my vast design magazines collection which I have collected over the past 10 years. What you are looking at is less than half my collection 🙂

Katy Interior Designer


The Stanley desk/console/dining table. I have owned this piece for a few years now. It is a multi-functional piece where the top can be folded up into a console table, or opened up as a desk or dining table. I will be using it as a desk in my small swanky sitting room

You’ve seen the area rug that inspired the room’s color palette. I purchased this rug about a year ago. I fell in love with the vintage look of it. It has been rolled up for over a year now, and recently when I unrolled it, I found that there are two red stains on it 🙁 I will have to find a way to remove those stains!

This chair I purchased about a year ago at World Market as the desk chair

Katy Interior Designer

This bombe chest that I have owned for maybe 12 years now. I purchased it with my late husband, and it’s the one piece I held on to when I was down-sizing over a year ago. I will update the base a little bit. Taking it from the black wrought iron to brass. Right now it is in the catch all empty bedroom that the dog was exiled to when he caught fleas a few months ago 🙂

Katy Interior Designer

And now for the new pieces:

This loveseat which I purchased at Ashley furniture. I was pleasantly surprised that they had a nice tailored piece that was pretty stylish. The quality seems pretty good as well. I love houndstooth, but I won’t be using these pillows for this room.

Katy Interior Designer

An occasional chair from World Market. It is actually a dining chair, but the scale is perfect for my small room. The color is a bit off in this picture. It is actually more of a tan color in person.

Katy Interior Designer

A pair of these brass geometric garden stools. These will act as the “cocktail table” in the room. It is such as small space with lots of functions, and so I wanted to keep it light and airy. These garden stools are lightweight enough to be moved out of the way in case I ever need more floor space.

This capiz shell chandelier from World Market will help to keep my budget in check.

Katy Interior Designer

These Paris maps will look awesome on the wall behind the desk. They will pull the gray tones out of the rug and help blend the gray with the gold. I haven’t purchased them yet, but will in the next few days. They are made to order so I need to get cracking!

katy Interior Designer

I may go with nesting end tables instead of the round end table as shown on the floor plan. Still haven’t decided yet. But I love the mirrored top of these nesting tables, and the base that reminds me of faux bamboo. I may just make a trip to Home Goods to lok for an end table.

Katy Interior Designer

Mirrored Top with Gold Base

As you can see, my style is pretty eclectic. I love so many different styles and love to incorporate a little bit of a variety in every room I do for myself. I tie the look together with color and fabrics. I wanted a French country flavor with the Charles Faudree fabrics and rug, a bit of the traditional from my background growing up in Jamaica as seen in the bombe chest, and a bit of contemporary with the ceramic stools. Even a bit of deco is thrown in the mix with the desk. That’s why I love Interior Design. It should tell a story about you.

Sticking to a tight budget is also very important, so the selections are a good mix of high-end with inexpensive but great quality pieces.

Hopefully I will make more progress this week than I did last week. We will see 🙂

I am off to go check out some of the other rooms in the One Room Challenge

Please come check out the linking party! There is a lot of good stuff!

Wishing you Beauty and Inspiration!

Katy Interior designer/ Katy Interior Decorator

Veronica Solomon Owner/Lead Designer Casa Vilora Interiors

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