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One Room Challenge: Small Swanky Sitting Room Week 5 of 6

Did I literally just write week 5 of 6? Already? It’s crunch time here on the ORC with just one week to go!! Yikes! I’m not ready! 🙂

Katy Interior Designer

In case you missed the progress of my Small Swanky Sitting Room makeover, you can check them out here.

So what did I get done this past week? Should I start with the good news or the bad news? Well there isn’t any really bad news, just a bunch of waiting, hoping and praying

My end table came in. Originally I planned on a set of nesting tables, but they were not going to get here in time, so I ended up purchasing this round wire table from Target. It is a great scale for the space, and I really like the light airy feel.

Katy Interior Designer

End Table

katy Interior Designer

End Table In Place

I started to style my bookcase, but I have to go shopping for a few more accents. I scored a set of  24 Illustrated History of the World books for just $20! (not shown) and my bust came in! This one of Aphrodite. I have always wanted one – strictly as a decorative piece.

The custom draperies and pillows are all complete, and will probably be installed this weekend. My seamstress called to tell me how awesome the draperies look. I haven’t seen them yet, but I am super excited!

Katy interior designer

You will see which color of the silk leopard prints I chose during next week’s big reveal. Is it the blue or the cream leopard? I’m not telling just yet 🙂 You will have to come back next week to find out

Remember the feathers I showed you last week? I began working on my DIY project using them.

Katy Interior Designer

Katy Interior Designer

Can you guess what it is? If you can’t tell you will hopefully see it in all its glory on reveal day. I actually didn’t order enough feathers, so hopefully my new order arrives in time. I will also be doing a tutorial here on the blog very soon (if it comes out looking good. It is my first time working with feathers).

My beloved London Maps were shipped today, so there is hope that they will arrive by next week. They arrive via freight, so it is not really a guarantee. I won’t be able to relax until I see them here in one piece (well six pieces. Lol)

katy Interior Designer

There is so much still left to be done and so I am really nervous:

  1. Hanging draperies and art

  2. Shopping for lamps and accessories

  3. Finish styling the bookcase and the rest of the room

  4. Maybe spruce up the foyer which is quite visible from the sitting room

  5. Finish DIY projects (and there are a few)

  6. Shoot room (hopefully with a professional photographer)

At least the room is slowly taking shape.

Katy Interior Designer

Maybe my lucky dragon has something to do with it? Nah. Just kidding 🙂

Well that’s all for this week. I am heading over to calling It Home to check out the progress of the other rooms. Be sure to join the link party going on now.

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!

Katy Interior designer/ Katy Interior Decorator

Veronica Solomon Owner/Lead Designer Casa Vilora Interiors

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